[Corpora-List] Alzheimer project proposal: 2 years in Belgium (French needed)

Louise-Amélie Cougnon louise-amelie.cougnon at uclouvain.be
Tue Jan 8 17:39:35 CET 2019

Hello everyone,

We are searching for an NLP candidate for 2 years minimum (possibility of a PhD) at UCLouvain. Starting February 2019 (flexible).

Projet's description: Can we detect preclinical Alzheimer’s disease using smartphone data?

Over the last twenty years, the scientific community has made tremendous progress to detect Alzheimer’s disease (AD) before the onset of clinical symptoms. Medical analyses require an invasive puncture or are very expensive. Thus, developing affordable and minimally invasive screening tools to detect AD pathology in the general population would be of great help for both research and clinical applications. We answer this need by proposing an automated analysis of linguistic features stored in electronic messages. Indeed, smartphones now keep ‘sent messages’ for several years, allowing us to analyse retrospectively longitudinal linguistic changes in narrative written data. After consent, we will download all ‘sent messages’ from the Preclinical AD patients’ phones together with the date and time information associated with the messages. We will then use tools and methods from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse this personal big-data.

All the information is attached.


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