[Corpora-List] BSNLP-2019 2nd Edition of the Shared Task on Multilingual Named Entity Recognition for Slavic languages

Michał Marcińczuk marcinczuk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 15:39:47 CET 2019


We are happy to announce the

2nd edition of the Multilingual Named Entity Recognition for Slavic languages

URL: http://bsnlp.cs.helsinki.fi/shared_task.html

Sponsored by ACL SIGSlav <http://sigslav.cs.helsinki.fi/>

Email contact [bsnlp at cs.helsinki.fi]

The ACL Special Interest Group on Slavic NLP invites participation in the 2nd edition

of the Shared Task on Multilingual Named Entity Recognition for Slavic languages.

Results of the shared task will be presented at the BSNLP-2019 Workshop,

to be held at ACL-2019 [http://www.acl2019.org] in Florence, Italy, on 2 August, 2019.

The task aims at recognizing mentions of named entities in news articles in Slavic languages,

their lemmatization, and cross-language matching.

The 2019 edition of the shared task covers four languages:









and focuses on recognition of five types of named entities including:











The detailed task description and system response guidelines are available HERE <http://bsnlp.cs.helsinki.fi/Guidelines-shared-task-2019.pdf>

IMPORTANT: it is not mandatory to participate in the full-fledged version of the task,

e.g., monolingual system responses without lemmatization of the extracted named entities

will be evaluated and scored too.

Data Sets

The training data will consist of two moderate-size sets of annotated documents,

each related to a specific topic (Brexit and Asia Bibi), whereas the test dataset

will consist of two other sets of raw documents, each also related to a specific topic,

which will be different from the topics in the training data set.

Registered participants will receive the full annotated corpora and further information via email.


Teams that plan to participate should register via sending an email to: bsnlp at cs.helsinki.fi

which includes the following information:


team name,


team composition,


contact person,


contact email.

The registered teams will receive access to data and additional information related to the shared task.


Participants in the shared task are invited to submit a short paper to the BSNLP 2019 workshop (http://bsnlp.cs.helsinki.fi/),

although submitting a paper is not mandatory to participate in the shared task.

All accepted shared task papers will appear in the Proceedings of BSNLP 2019 workshop.


8 January 2019

Shared task announcement and call for participation

15 January 2019

Release of sample data

25 February 2019

Release of the full training data

25 April 2019

Release of blind test data

26 April 2019

Submission of system responses

3 May 2019

Sending results to participants

9 May 2019

Shared task paper submission due (non mandatory)

24 May 2019

Notification of acceptance

3 June 2019

Camera-ready shared task papers due

2 August 2019

BSNLP 2019 workshop



Michał Marcińczuk


Petya Osenova


Jakub Piskorski


Lidia Pivovarova


Pavel Přibáň


Kiril Simov


Josef Steinberger


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