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I am pleased to announce the latest title in Morgan & Claypool's series on Human Language Technologies:

Argumentation Mining Manfred Stede, University of Potsdam

Jodi Schneider, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Paperback ISBN: 9781681734590 eBook ISBN: 9781681734606

Hardcover ISBN: 9781681734613 December 2018, 191 pages http://www.morganclaypoolpublishers.com/catalog_Orig/product_info.php?produc ts_id=1351


Argumentation mining is an application of natural language processing (NLP) that emerged a few years ago and has recently enjoyed considerable popularity, as demonstrated by a series of international workshops and by a rising number of publications at the major conferences and journals of the field. Its goals are to identify argumentation in text or dialogue; to construct representations of the constellation of claims, supporting and attacking moves (in different levels of detail); and to characterize the patterns of reasoning that appear to license the argumentation. Furthermore, recent work also addresses the difficult tasks of evaluating the persuasiveness and quality of arguments. Some of the linguistic genres that are being studied include legal text, student essays, political discourse and debate, newspaper editorials, scientific writing, and others.

The book starts with a discussion of the linguistic perspective, characteristics of argumentative language, and their relationship to certain other notions such as subjectivity.

Then the book turns to its focus, the computational side of mining argumentation in text.

Next, we discuss a few steps that try to 'dig deeper': to infer the underlying reasoning pattern for a textual argument, to reconstruct unstated premises (so-called 'enthymemes'), and to evaluate the quality of the argumentation. We also take a brief look at 'the other side' of mining, i.e., the generation or synthesis of argumentative text.

The book finishes with a summary of the argumentation mining tasks, a sketch of potential applications, and a-necessarily subjective-outlook for the field.

Table of Contents: Preface / Acknowledgments / Introduction / Argumentative Language / Modeling Arguments / Corpus Annotation / Finding Claims / Finding Supporting and Objecting Statements / Deriving the Structure of Argumentation / Assessing Argumentation / Generating Argumentative Text / Summary and Perspectives / Bibliography / Authors' Biographies / Index

Series: Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies

Editor: Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto

<http://www.morganclaypoolpublishers.com/catalog_Orig/index.php?cPath=22&sor t=2d&series=29> http://www.morganclaypoolpublishers.com/catalog_Orig/index.php?cPath=22&sort =2d&series=29

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