[Corpora-List] 5-Year Fellowships at RISE Cyprus on AI, Communications, Visual Sciences, Human Factors, Design

Loizos Michael loizos at ouc.ac.cy
Tue Dec 24 06:37:09 CET 2019

Dear colleagues,

The Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart Systems, and Emerging Technologies has openings for Fellows, with a deadline for applications on 24 January 2020.

The positions include competitive salaries for each Fellow and for 2 research associates for 5 years, additional allowance for equipment, travelling, and visiting MPI and UCL.

The full announcement can be found here: http://www.rise.org.cy/en-gb/vacancies/job-listings/fellowship-research-group-frg-leader-s/

Fellows will by expected to carry out research in one of the Center's research pillars:

Research Pillar 1: Visual Sciences

Visual Sciences is the core Research Pillar of RISE. Visual Sciences include a variety of disciplines typically dealing with 2D images, 3D images, 3D models and 3D environments. Although the name of this pillar refers to Visual Sciences, which typically include Virtual & Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Imaging, on many occasions, visual data is treated in combination with other modalities such as sound, text, speech and tactile, hence work in this pillar relates also to multimodal data manipulation.

Research Pillar 2: Human Factors and Design

Human Factors and Design Research Pillar focuses on applying knowledge about the abilities, constraints, needs and behaviour of humans to the design of tasks, services, technologies and environments. Taking into account the central role of humans, the pillar expands the technological challenges of interactive media, to investigate the cognitive and psychological aspects of interactive media applications (e.g., perception, memory, emotions, individual differences, environmental conditions, and contextual and cultural limitations of users).

Research Pillar 3: Artificial Intelligence & Communications

Interactive systems incorporate, by design, some form of communication and an expectation for meaningful processing and timely response. With humans and their surrounding environment becoming increasingly interconnected through the Social Web and the Internet of Things, the collection and transfer of the wealth of available data and the extraction of information, knowledge, and meaning from this data are taking a central role in the technological future that we have chosen for ourselves. Knowledge-based and data-driven Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a primary enabler for this future by facilitating the design of innovative intelligent systems that interact with, engage with, and cooperate with humans and each other in non-trivial ways. Based on current trends and expert views for the future, the Pillar focuses on research work that exemplifies a human-centered approach to the design, development, analysis, and integration of automated processes for smart sensing, intelligent communication protocols, principled learning, seamless user experience, and effective planning and reasoning.


Loizos Michael, Ph.D.

Research Pillar Leader

AI & Communications

RISE Research Center

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