[Corpora-List] Ability and Personality Traits from Text: 1st Call for Participation

Arne Köhn koehn at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Fri Dec 6 15:45:09 CET 2019

Ines Rehbein writes:

> For students who want to apply to NORDAKADEMIE, there is no option to
> not take the test (as it's part of the application procedure) or, to my
> best knowledge, to refuse the use of their personal test data for
> research and other use cases.

One of the organizers addressed this on twitter:

,----[ https://twitter.com/realTimoBaumann/status/1202844419029970944 ]
| ppl are asked for consent on whether the data can be used for research |
| and ppl can opt out. they cannot, however, opt out from the testing as |
| it's part of the application process. try applying at a US university |
| without SAT and TOEFL/IELTS scores, or without a cover letter. |

There is also this public statement; the link was posted as a reply on twitter but not here as far as I can tell:




P.S. for the sake of transparency: I am sending this from my old Uni

Hamburg mail address because I am still subscribed to corpora with

this address; I left for Saarland University a year ago. I know

some of the organizers of the ST but am not involved in it.

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