[Corpora-List] Ability and Personality Traits from Text: 1st Call for Participation

Ines Rehbein rehbein at cl.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Dec 6 12:47:21 CET 2019

I have been following the discussion with interest, and there is one point that has not been addressed in the shared task organisers' statement and that I find worrisome. This concerns the way the data was collected.

To my understanding, based on the shared task description (https://www.inf.uni-hamburg.de/en/inst/ab/lt/resources/data/germeval-2020-psychopred/), the data has been collected as part of the application procedure by NORDAKADEMIE:

"Since 2011, the private university of applied sciences NORDAKADEMIE performs an aptitude college application test, where participants state their high school performance, perform an IQ test and a psychometrical test called the Motive Index (MIX). The MIX measures so-called implicit or operant motives by having participants answer questions to those images like the one displayed below such as "who is the main person and what is important for that person?" and "what is that person feeling". Furthermore, those participants answer the question of what motivated them to apply for the NORDAKADEMIE."

For students who want to apply to NORDAKADEMIE, there is no option to not take the test (as it's part of the application procedure) or, to my best knowledge, to refuse the use of their personal test data for research and other use cases. As NORDAKADEMIE is a university of cooperative education, it is much harder for students to just apply to a different university if they don't agree with this practice.

I would like to think that shared task data used in our community has been collected with the voluntary consent of the human subjects that provided the data, and I am having doubts whether this is really the case here.

It would be great if the shared task organisers could comment on that.

Best, Ines

--- Ines Rehbein Leibniz ScienceCampus ICL Uni Heidelberg, IDS Mannheim

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