[Corpora-List] FW: Arabic/English Post-Doctoral Researcher in Corpus Linguistics

Eric Atwell E.S.Atwell at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Dec 3 15:37:43 CET 2019

From: Abdel Hamid Mohamed Abdel Hamid Ahmed <aha202 at qu.edu.qa>

Dear Professor Atwell,

I hope my email finds you well. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Abdelhamid Ahmed. I am currently working at Qatar University as a Lecturer of Education (TESOL/Applied Linguistics). I am writing this email to seek your help in finding a bilingual Arabic/English post-doctoral researcher to work with me on a full-time basis on an awarded NPRP research grant. As corpus linguistics is one of your areas of expertise, I would be grateful if you could send the job advertisement in the link below to your connections as I cannot find a suitable candidate for the job.

https://humanities-m.academickeys.com/job/m2j7otz3/PostDoctoral_Researcher_in_L2_English_Writing [https://www.academickeys.com/assets/layout/header-logo.png]<https://humanities-m.academickeys.com/job/m2j7otz3/PostDoctoral_Researcher_in_L2_English_Writing> University Job: Post-Doctoral Researcher in L2 English Writing , Qatar University -<https://humanities-m.academickeys.com/job/m2j7otz3/PostDoctoral_Researcher_in_L2_English_Writing> humanities-m.academickeys.com Academic Keys: Higher education jobs and university jobs at universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher education. Professional resources, conferences, and links to grants and funding opportunities.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards, Abdelhamid

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