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The University of Helsinki invites applications for the position of TENURE TRACK OR FULL PROFESSOR IN LINGUISTIC INEQUALITIES AND TRANSLATION TECHNOLOGY https://www.helsinki.fi/en/open-positions/tenure-track-or-full-professor-in-linguistic-inequalities-and-translation-technology-ineq

The position will be located at the Department of Digital Humanities at the Faculty of Arts that covers disciplines ranging from language technology and phonetics to cognitive science. The department is also the coordinating home of HELDIG, the Helsinki Centre for Digital Humanities. The Faculty of Arts has recently attracted an outstanding amount of prestigious international research funding, and digital humanities is one of the focus areas of the Faculty.

The successful applicant may be appointed to a permanent professorship or a fixed-term associate/assistant professorship (tenure track system), depending on his/her qualifications and career stage.

We are inviting applications from experts in natural language processing and empirical linguistics with a focus on the development and application of translation technology to lower linguistic barriers that cause inequalities in society. We expect work that emphasizes the methodology in applied research within a strong cross-disciplinary framework and require competence in digital humanities as well as experience with data-driven technology. We especially encourage research on multimodal translation approaches with a highly multilingual setup leading to a tight collaboration with phonetics, language technology and translation studies.


An appointee to the position of assistant/associate professor within the tenure track system shall hold a doctoral degree, have the ability to conduct independent scholarly work and have the teaching skills necessary for the position. In addition, applicants for assistant/associate professorships shall demonstrate their capability and motivation as regards an academic career through publications and other means.

An appointee to a full professorship shall hold a doctoral degree and possess top-level scholarly qualifications and experience in the supervision of scientific research, along with the ability to provide top-level research-based teaching as well as to supervise theses and dissertations. In addition, the appointee shall present documentation of international cooperation in the field of research that he or she represents. Holders of professorships shall also have the skills necessary to serve as academic leaders.

When assessing the qualifications of each applicant, attention will be paid to: • scientific publications • success in obtaining external research funding • leading of scientific research • international research experience • activity in the academic community • teaching experience, supervision of theses and dissertations and other pedagogical merits • leadership and interaction skills • vision of how the applicant intends to develop the field and focus his or her research • assessor statements and success in interview.

To successfully attend to the duties of the position, the appointee must have good English skills. If the appointee is not proficient in Finnish or Swedish, he/she is expected to acquire moderate proficiency within a reasonable time after the appointment. Support for language studies is offered.

Annual gross salary for a full professor varies between 64,000 and 96,000 euros, and for an assistant/associate professor between 50,000 and 68,500 euros, depending on the appointee’s qualifications and experience.

The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest institution of academic education in Finland, an international scientific community of 40,000 students and researchers. In international university rankings, UH typically ranks among the top 100. UH seeks solutions for global challenges and creates new ways of thinking for the best of humanity. Through the power of science, the University has contributed to society, education and welfare since 1640.

Within the INEQ (Inequality, Wellbeing and Security)network, UH aims at synthesizing, coordinating and expanding critical knowledge of inequality, wellbeing and security that produces transformative knowledge contributing to a more equal, healthy and secure world. INEQ embraces seven UH faculties and emphasizes innovative cross-disciplinary research.


Please submit your application, together with the required attachments, through the University of Helsinki Recruitment System via the button Apply for the position. Applicants who are employees of the University of Helsinki are requested to leave their application via the SAP HR portal https://saphr.it.helsinki.fi/irj/portal.

Applicants are requested to enclose with their applications the following documents in English: • A curriculum vitae • A numbered list of publications • A report (max. 3 pages) on the applicant’s research activities (including activities in scientific communities, the acquisition of research funding and international scholarly work) • A vision (max. 2 pages) of how the applicant intends to develop the field and focus his or her research • A report (max. 5 pages) on pedagogical expertise

For instructions see https://www.helsinki.fi/en/faculty-of-arts/faculty/instructions-to-appli....

The enclosures shall be uploaded as a single PDF file which shall be named as follows: fieldofposition_lastname_firstname. Other enclosures, such as recommendation letters or certificates are not required.

Applicants are kindly asked to prepare for the situation in which, after the closing of the application period, the Faculty may request them to submit up to 10 publications of their choice to be sent to assessors.


Further information on the position and the working environment may be obtained from Professor Jörg Tiedemann, jorg.tiedemann(at)helsinki.fi<http://helsinki.fi> or Head of Department of Digital Humanities Professor Martti Vainio, martti.vainio at helsinki.fi<mailto:martti.vainio at helsinki.fi>. Further information on the recruitment process may be obtained from HR Specialist Tuula Henriksson, tuula.henriksson(at)Helsinki.fi. In case you need support with the recruitment system, please contact recruitment(at)helsinki.fi

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