[Corpora-List] 2nd AAAI Workshop on Affective Content Analysis & Happiness Shared Task: Modeling Affect-in-Action

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The theme of the 2nd Affective Content Analysis workshop is “Modeling Affect in Action.” Affect analysis of content to measure emotions and its experiences is a multidisciplinary research area with limited cross-disciplinary collaboration. Other disciplines have adopted psychological models of affect - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computational Linguistics (CL) and Human-computer Interaction (HCI) - to conceptualize and measure users’ opinions, intentions, and expressions. However, the context-specific characteristics of human affect suggest the need to measure in ways that recognize multiple interpretations of human responses.

Invited speakers: Ellen Riloff (University of Utah), Alon Halevy (Megagon Labs), Marilyn Walker (University of California, Santa Cruz), Lyle Ungar (University of Pennsylvania)


We also invite submissions for the First Shared Task on Computational Linguistics for Affect Understanding. CL-AFF 2019 comprises two sub-tasks for analyzing happiness and wellbeing in written language, based on a corpus of 100,000 descriptions of happy moments from HappyDB.

Workshop topics:

We welcome submissions on topics including (but not limited to):

● Machine learning and Deep learning models for affect modeling in content (image, audio, and video)

● Affect-aware text generation

● Spoken and formal language comparison

● Measurement and evaluation of affective content

● Affective commonsense reasoning

● Affective human-agent, -computer, and-robot interaction

● Multimodal emotion recognition and sentiment analysis

● Psycho-demographic profiling

● Psycho-linguistics, including stylometrics and typography

● Modeling consumer’s affect reactions

● Computational models for consumer behavior theories

● Consumer psychology at scale from big data

Full CFP: https://sites.google.com/view/affcon2019/home

Proceedings of AffCon @ AAAI 2018: https://aaai.org/Library/Workshops/ws18-01.php

Submission Site: https://easychair.org/conferences/conference_dir.cgi?a=19604803

Important Dates:

October 25, 2018 :Abstract Submission (Optional)

November 5, 2018: Submission deadline

November 26, 2018 : Notification of acceptance/rejection

November 30, 2018: Early registration deadline

December 5, 2018: Camera-ready versions due

January 27-28, 2019 : Workshop at AAAI 2019


Niyati Chhaya (Adobe Research, nchhaya at adobe.com<mailto:nchhaya at adobe.com>),

Kokil Jaidka (University of Pennsylvania, kokil.j at gmail.com<mailto:kokil.j at gmail.com> ),

Lyle Ungar (University of Pennsylvania, ungar at cis.upenn.edu<mailto:ungar at cis.upenn.edu>),

Atanu R Sinha (Adobe Research, atr at adobe.com<mailto:atr at adobe.com>)

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