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Journal of Speech Sciences

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Issue 7.2

Thematic Issue: Spoken Corpora advances: prosody as the crux of speech segmentation, annotation and multilevel linguistic studies

The Journal of Speech Sciences (JoSS) is an open access journal which follows the principles of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), meaning that its readers can freely read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of any article electronically published in the journal. It is accessible at . JoSS 7.2 will be dedicated to articles dealing with the role of prosody for speech segmentation, annotation and multilevel linguistic studies. We welcome papers that deal with: (i) Technical and theoretical aspects related to the prosodic segmentation of the speech flow (phonetic parameters that convey boundaries, software that allow the implementation of automatic segmentation, etc., regardless of the prosodic units taken as object of analysis); (ii) Prosodic,cognitive and/or linguistic analyses derived from the segmentation of the speech flow (syntactically, informationally, and others); (iii) Spontaneous speech corpora description; (iv) Theoretical/methodological discussions on spontaneous speech corpora compilation and annotation.

We invite potential authors to submit original, previously unpublished contributions in the theme of the role of prosody for speech segmentation and related issues such as prosodic annotation and multilevel linguistic studies on prosody. Submissions will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, though the final decision as to publication is taken by the editors. Contributions in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French are accepted. A 1-page abstract in English should be provided if the language is not English. The goal of this policy is to ensure a wide dissemination of quality research written in these Romance languages.For preparing the manuscript, please follow the instructions at the JoSS webpage and submit it to the editors by following the instruction under the menu "Submission".

Guest Editors Tommaso Raso (UFMG) Email: tommaso.raso at gmail.com Heliana Mello (UFMG) Email: heliana.mello at gmail.com

JoSS Editors Plinio A. Barbosa (UNICAMP) Sandra Madureira (PUC-SP) Luciana Lucente (UFAL)

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