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Dear all,

For those of you have found the (first edition of the) Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics (Oxford University Press) useful, I am pleased to share with you that the second, substantially revised edition of this Handbook will come out as a hard copy soon. The second edition is indeed a very much revised text and features 51 chapters including latest developments (as compared to 37 chapters in the first edition).

The vast majority of chapters are available as separate chapters on Oxford University Press’ website but the physical copy will feature updated versions of all chapters.


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John, your philosophy of teaching is an interesting and a high class one. I accept your viewpoint and will absolutely try to follow this school of thinking.

Regards, D

On Tue, 16 Oct 2018, 18:42 John F Sowa, <sowa at bestweb.net<mailto:sowa at bestweb.net>> wrote: On 10/16/2018 5:18 AM, Márton Makrai wrote:
> the main textbooks are Jurafsky and Martin https://web.stanford.edu/~jurafsky/slp3/<https://url6.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1gCP2I-0006oW-3d&i=57e1b682&c=urSFDrTZ4DYZQE--ncWQqkpTrJy_oLkEeGXeJA-xnYvvk8mDSYqNuvBEg_LkEs1AF8-9eaXDyGLar5g59KOy5P2p6S8ttrdqgHr77ccvvNO7bSu3Qzxh3QqRUv5PVjMn5FcsrQhQ1pUrU6BkaQRA_g_1PTxKJwX4hRNBUKoMIRGnHLh0MNgH9A2DLwnEFxNbvaY0ewPxk2Rf97TxAsAQGAhPIdV2w-bNMa4N4p63gtbRAKonYUO6QhSpKYGmd8yi>
> https://web.stanford.edu/%7Ejurafsky/slp3/<https://url6.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1gCP2I-0006oW-3d&i=57e1b682&c=oX1qlGpb5cF75GSYAy28zzEOV5iT1K4VN9RoQtfn3sibdbrB7u4RQdoqgKqwSHRx2e6K14GXmsPHQSSOhVLFQhlVNHYxLFSOgdkJiMr6Tz6Et5H4wWzWGKecdvDL_4Uj1KUit6hz5BymI8edWaB4XBVsmcxJsq32B3LRlJSzzSsvEqEQJs6JbYMuzvc4L0x6BYxeV80M5_PmYtke6jiaoQYp3nZvydErvdqCTtw7UCHqHjaDM85G3Y31fH1Snskk> (the new version in the
> process includes the 2013+ development), and the older Manning and
> Schütze, https://nlp.stanford.edu/fsnlp/<https://url6.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1gCP2I-0006oW-3d&i=57e1b682&c=HPrDT5zJAD6oVAt07iVwWbLtxIs7cbDVdXGM8GDUjS7zy4cNOE1LTnEbnuwSOdRMtSzG4mbGEKsrDqf1OhAkDO2JOSje88Ynl6NwJTQv_fSrDZje01Lq1AklRTTCeM7mWbyQHGbvvJCoFR2PCGKlqWbk3CR-kPbsOsRptFHCu7xA43v74KgK6QuxJfbjAOIIwjQ36IkFuyjwLe6wZGTbGL7zV1HJy5pOi8gjBJ96ydI>

Those are excellent books about current technology, and any course on NLP must cover the best available methods. But none of the current methods can deal with true language understanding, learning by reading textbooks and other documents, and explaining what computer systems (both AI and ordinary software) are doing.

The greatest obstacle to research is education that is limited to the best available paradigms. The breakthroughs are made by researchers who are dissatisfied with what they know.

The future isn't available on Google, but history is. Some of the greatest advances were based on promising ideas that were discarded years ago because of limitations in the existing hardware/software systems.

So called "challenge" problems in NLP have had modest success, partly because they focused the research on a narrow set of tasks. Much better challenges come from people who are willing to pay for a solution to a serious problem for which nobody has a clear idea about how to proceed.

Summary: Good teachers should teach the current paradigms, but make the students dissatisfied with the limitations.

John Sowa

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