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John, your philosophy of teaching is an interesting and a high class one. I accept your viewpoint and will absolutely try to follow this school of thinking.

Regards, D

On Tue, 16 Oct 2018, 18:42 John F Sowa, <sowa at bestweb.net> wrote:

> On 10/16/2018 5:18 AM, Márton Makrai wrote:
> > the main textbooks are Jurafsky and Martin
> https://web.stanford.edu/~jurafsky/slp3/
> > https://web.stanford.edu/%7Ejurafsky/slp3/ (the new version in the
> > process includes the 2013+ development), and the older Manning and
> > Schütze, https://nlp.stanford.edu/fsnlp/
> Those are excellent books about current technology, and any course
> on NLP must cover the best available methods. But none of the
> current methods can deal with true language understanding,
> learning by reading textbooks and other documents, and explaining
> what computer systems (both AI and ordinary software) are doing.
> The greatest obstacle to research is education that is limited
> to the best available paradigms. The breakthroughs are made by
> researchers who are dissatisfied with what they know.
> The future isn't available on Google, but history is. Some of
> the greatest advances were based on promising ideas that were
> discarded years ago because of limitations in the existing
> hardware/software systems.
> So called "challenge" problems in NLP have had modest success,
> partly because they focused the research on a narrow set of tasks.
> Much better challenges come from people who are willing to pay
> for a solution to a serious problem for which nobody has a clear
> idea about how to proceed.
> Summary: Good teachers should teach the current paradigms,
> but make the students dissatisfied with the limitations.
> John Sowa
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