[Corpora-List] History/timeline of the development of German corpora?

martin at martinweisser.org martin at martinweisser.org
Fri Oct 12 04:54:26 CEST 2018

I'm currently creating a course on Corpus Linguistics for German studies, loosely based on what I did for (mainly) English in 'Practical Corpus Linguistics'. As part of this, I want to present students with an overview of the development of German (electronic) corpora, but find it quite difficult to identify when specific (types of) corpora where completed or released (if at all). I'm partly basing the list of corpora I'm covering on the list created by Lemnitzer/Zinsmeister at http://www.meta.narr.de/9783823368861/LemnitzerZinsmeister_2015_Kap7_Einzelkorpora_11-2015.pdf. Any information you may be able to provide, also regarding corpus structure & content, unless already available online, would be greatly appreciated! -- MTIA,

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