[Corpora-List] TC40: Call for participation

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Tue Oct 9 13:01:46 CEST 2018

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*AsLing *is pleased to announce that the *detailed programme *for this year's *Translating and the Computer conference (TC40), London, 15-16 November 2018, *is now available on the website at https://www.asling.org/tc40/ <https://exchcas.unv.wlv.ac.uk/owa/redir.aspx?C=2QQrWB3sYCXT2PFePAJgZLU3HP-Wat81Cnukr8eb_fLdpbVfui3WCA..&URL=https%3a%2f%2furl6.mailanyone.net%2fv1%2f%3fm%3d1g9G9w-000KT0-3H%26i%3d57e1b682%26c%3dveiGDip_pTMPpXGq28Hgtkde3VktGbjf7zhhG9OfC35nbZ_L0MS63MFWChBkU_zopmOSoTLQVRR5lQUdnVa5Uu1P8NThHuFT-qpcSlHXWpfd4krw6iMBrxjObE-C36NPG-hqf3MtPkWJxqcHs0W6AMheZgQobjjzyQ0dq3v3NCj_Zh4NEWTS_vJIEAEn5gaWHMdXrCkVKinxxiFYzuASo0X316Pl31eb5JuCPFoupZE>


This year's event focuses on Neural MT, quality issues, technology/support for interpreters, and the interplay between professional linguists and computer hardware and software. The keynote speakers are Panayota (Yota) Georgakopoulou (Audiovisual Localisation Expert, Strategy & Research, Greece) and Arle Lommel (Senior Analyst with CSA - Common Sense Advisory, USA).

Register online at the above-mentioned website.

*AsLing* looks forward to welcoming you to London this November for the anniversary edition of one of the longest-running translation conferences in the world.

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