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13th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS) University of Gothenburg, Sweden 23-27th May 2019


Paper submission deadline: 15th January, 2019

IWCS is the bi-yearly meeting of SIGSEM [1], the ACL special interest group on semantics [2]; this year's edition is hosted by the Centre of Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability (CLASP) [3] at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV) [4] and will be held at the Wallenberg Conference Centre of University of Gothenburg [5].

[1] http://sigsem.org/ [2] http://aclweb.org/ [3] https://clasp.gu.se/ [4] https://flov.gu.se/english [5] https://www.gu.se/english/conferences/conference-packages/wallenberg

The aim of the IWCS conference is to bring together researchers interested in any aspects of the computation, annotation, extraction, and representation of meaning in natural language, whether from a lexical or structural semantic perspective. IWCS embraces both symbolic and machine learning approaches to computational semantics, and everything in between. The main conference will be run from 25-27 May 2019, preceded by workshops on 23-24 May.

Topics of interest

The areas of interest for the conference include all computational aspects of meaning of natural language within written, spoken, or multimodal communication. Papers are invited on topics in these and closely related areas, including the following:

* representation of meaning * syntax-semantics interface * representing and resolving semantic ambiguity * shallow and deep semantic processing and reasoning * hybrid symbolic and statistical approaches to representing semantics * alternative approaches to compositional semantics * inference methods for computational semantics * recognising textual entailment * learning by reading * methodologies and practices for semantic annotation * machine learning of semantic structures * statistical semantics * computational aspects of lexical semantics * semantics and ontologies * semantic web and natural language processing * semantic aspects of language generation * semantic relations in discourse and dialogue * semantics and pragmatics of dialogue acts * multimodal and grounded approaches to computing meaning * semantics-pragmatics interface


Proposals for workshops should contain:

* A title and brief (2-page max) description of the workshop topic and content. * An estimate of the audience size

* The names, postal addresses, and email addresses of the organisers, with one-paragraph statements of their research interests and areas of expertise. * A list of potential members of the program committee, with an indication of which members have already agreed. * A description of special requirements for technical needs.

Proposals should be submitted by email to

iwcs2019 at easychair.org

as soon as possible, but no later than 10th November 2018.

Notification of acceptance of workshop proposals will occur no later than 24th November 2018.


Organisers of accepted workshops must provide descriptions of their workshops, for inclusion in the conference registration material, by 5th January 2019. The description must be provided in two formats: an ASCII version that can be included with the email announcement, and an HTML version that can be included on the conference home page. These descriptions should be mailed to: iwcs2019 at easychair.org

The final workshop materials must be received by the IWCS organisers by 2nd May 2019. This includes the detailed proceedings (camera-ready versions of papers), which will be made available electronically, as well as a short workshop program, which will be printed together with the main conference program.


Workshops must be financially self-supporting. The conference organisers will establish registration rates so as to provide the room, audio-visual equipment, internet access, snacks for breaks, and the workshop proceedings.


10th November 2018 Workshop proposal submissions due 24th November 2018 Workshop proposal notification of acceptance 5th January 2019 Workshop description mailed to IWCS organisers 2nd May 2019 Workshop material due to IWCS organisers 23rd-24th May 2019 Workshop date

Local organisation

Local Chairs: Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, Simon Dobnik Workshops: Asad Sayeed Student Track: Vlad Maraev and Kathrein Abu Kwaik Hackathon: TBA

— Associate Professor in Computational Linguistics CLASP: Centre for Linguistic Theory and Studies in Probability Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science University of Gothenburg Contact details: http://clasp.gu.se/about/people/simon-dobnik

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