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*Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: Language and Computation*


Shlomo Argamon, Illinois Institute of Technology

Sergei Nirenburg, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


We are pleased to announce this call for papers for a new journal bringing together disparate areas of research in language and computation.

For the last sixty years and more, computational methods and models have grown in importance for linguistics, while computational systems for processing human language have attained progressively greater abilities. Research at the meeting point of linguistics and computation, particularly as influenced by work in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, continues to be fruitful in many ways for understanding human language and for developing useful language technologies. This work is distributed among many different subfields of linguistics, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, and more.

*Frontiers in AI: Language and Computation <https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/artificial-intelligence/sections/language-and-computation>* provides a unified forum for such work. We seek to publish and promote the highest-quality research at the intersection of language and computation, that which seeks to use information processing models and methods to elucidate the nature, structure, and operation of human language. Furthermore, by being a large tent for diverse related subfields, we aim to enable transformational advances in the understanding of language by facilitating transdisciplinary discussion and collaboration.

For this initial call for papers, we solicit submissions of position papers, regular research articles, and surveys.

Both theoretical and experimental work is within the scope of the journal – we seek a broad coverage of all research areas in language and computation. We do not restrict the spectrum of methodologies used in research presented in contributions to the journal. However, preference will be given to submissions that advance our understanding of linguistic structures and mechanisms.

*Position Papers*

Position papers are articles of up to 3000 words discussing issues or trends of importance or interest to the language and computation research community. We expect position papers to have a definite point of view, and our goal is to engender meaningful and constructive debate by actively soliciting responses to them.

Of particular interest are position papers on:

Historical trends or cycles in research activity

Language-endowed intelligent agents

Contributions of computation to preservation and documentation of minority and endangered languages

Discussion of language policy and research/data ethics from a computational perspective.

*Research Articles *

We seek articles on the full range of research on language and computation, including (but not limited to) contributions in:

Cognitive linguistics

Computational linguistics

Computational models of linguistic cognition

Discourse modeling

Knowledge representation

Language development in children

Language evolution

Language learning

Linguistic information transfer

Linguistic neuroscience

Machine learning for language processing

Natural language communication with intelligent agents


Second language learning


We seek both *surveys* of the existing state of the art and/or recent advances in any relevant areas (as above) or subareas, and *horizon surveys* that are more forward-looking than backward-looking, suggesting what’s exciting, on the horizon, new but possibly not yet evaluated, etc.

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