[Corpora-List] NLP Internship at IRIT (Toulouse-University, France)

Farah Benamara benamara at irit.fr
Thu Nov 8 09:44:00 CET 2018


Detecting intentions during crisis events

**Background and objectives** Social media platforms offer great opportunities to identify public  commitments to intentions and desires/plans to act from user-generated contents. Automatically  detecting intentions can have many potential applications, such as in commerce marketing (consumption intentions: sell, purchase), security and defense (intention to attack, to connect to terrorist organizations), health (intention to suicide), and  emergency management (intentions to help, evacuate). Mining intentions from texts can thus help decision makers to differentiate between intentional and non-intentional messages ("I want to buy this great phone" vs."Trump won the US election") and to better identify the type of intention behind each message which is a primordial step to help companies, government, or institutions to better predict users’ future actions and thus improve their strategies.

The internship will focus on the development of an automatic intention model on social media data which will foster the ability of public services to take action quicker in crisis situations, by monitoring user’s expectations and intents.

The internship is funded by the French Interior Department (no French citizenship required) within a joint project between Institut de Recherche en informatique de Toulouse (IRIT-Toulouse University) and Institut Jean Nicod (IJN-Ecole Normale Supérieure).

**Candidate profile** The successful candidate will have one of the following profile: - Msc or MA student in Computer Science, or Computational Linguistics. - Experience in Natural Language Processing, and/or Machine Learning;

**Terms of the internship position** - Duration: 5 months - Starting date: from February to April 2019 - Location: IRIT, Toulouse University (France),

**Applications** - A curriculum vitae together with a motivation letter should be sent to Farah Benamara (farah.benamara at irit.fr <mailto:farah.benamara at irit.fr>), Véronique Moriceau (veronique.moriceau at irit.fr <mailto:veronique.moriceau at irit.fr>) and Alda Mari (alda.mari29 at gmail.com <mailto:alda.mari29 at gmail.com>) - Deadline for applications: position open until filled.

-- ======================== Farah Benamara Zitoune Associate Professor HDR, Université Paul Sabatier IRIT-CNRS 118 Route de Narbonne, 31062, Toulouse. Tel : +33 5 61 55 77 06 http://www.irit.fr/~Farah.Benamara ==================================

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