[Corpora-List] 1st Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Internet Freedom (NLP4IF) (deadline extended)

Anna Feldman feldmana at mail.montclair.edu
Sat May 26 17:45:25 CEST 2018

*COLING 2018 First Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Internet Freedom (NLP4IF)* Date: *20-Aug-2018 * Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA Web Site: https://cbrew.github.io/nlp4if/

Paper submission deadline: *May 29, 2018 (extended)* Notifications: June 20, 2018 Camera-ready submissions: June 30, 2018

The topics of interest include (but are not limited) to the following:

- Censorship detection: detecting deleted or edited text; detecting

blocked keywords/banned terms;

- Censorship circumvention techniques: linguistically inspired

countermeasure for Internet censorship such as keyword substitution,

expanding coverage of existing banned terms, text paraphrasing, linguistic

steganography, generating information morphs etc.;

- Detection of self-censorship;

- Identifying potentially censorable content;

- Disinformation/Misinformation detection: fake news, fake accounts,

rumor detection, etc.;

- Techniques to empirically measure Internet censorship across

communication platforms;

- Investigations on covert linguistic communication and its limits;

- Identity and private information detection;

- Passive and targeted surveillance techniques;

- Ethics in NLP;

- “Walled gardens”, personalization and fragmentation of the online

public space;

- We hope that our workshop will promote Internet freedom in countries

where accessing and sharing of information are strictly controlled by


*Travel stipends:*

Support from the US National Science Foundation allows us to offer domestic travel grants to student participants. Anyone currently enrolled as a student at the Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral level in a US university is eligible to apply for a domestic travel stipend.

To apply, write to feldmana at montclair.edu with the following details:

1. Your name 2. Your university and departmental affiliation 3. Your highest completed degree (e.g., bachelor, master) and the degree on which you are currently working (e.g., MS, MA, PhD, JD, MD) 4. A brief (approximately 250-word) expression of interest in the topic of the workshop 5. Are you an active participant? (i.e., are you going to present your research?) 6. Your current funding situation (i.e., do you have other sources of funds to attend this workshop?)

*Applications are due end-of-day on July 6, 2018.*

We’re happy to feature three keynote speakers!

1. Dr. Jennifer Pan (Stanford University) `How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, Not Engaged Argument’ 2. Dr. Jedidiah Crandall (University of New Mexico): `How to Talk Dirty and Influence Machines' 3. Nancy Watzman (Dot Connector Studio) -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: text/html Size: 36325 bytes Desc: not available URL: <https://mailman.uib.no/public/corpora/attachments/20180526/49e4ed14/attachment.txt>

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