[Corpora-List] Update on Ergo Parser Materials

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Thu May 17 23:56:04 CEST 2018

About a week ago I put the paper that presents the Attach Alpha theory of syntax on my academia.edu page which now ranks in the top 1% of papers in that site.

I have just added a one-page synopsis of the theoretical constructs that comprise the theory which should make the paper a much easier read. It is only 42 pages in length, but still it is a tough read. The one-page synopsis will help with that as well as in conceptualizing the parser.

I have also put the US Patent (now expired) for the parser that was implemented from that theory. The patent includes the flow charts for that parser as well as a thorough description of the parser.

The source code from 1999 and the 2015 rewrite will be available soon. I will put a link on my academia.edu page to a Dropbox location for the relevant .zip files.

Possible projects for the theory and the parser include further developments for software in English and the extension of the theory and developments of parsers for other languages.

Here is the link to the one-page synopsis and patent.

Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D.

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