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YOAN GUTIERREZ VAZQUEZ ygutierrez at dlsi.ua.es
Wed May 16 12:57:27 CEST 2018

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Reminder about: Testing Phase ACTIVE*** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *TASS-2018: Task 3. eHealth Knowledge Discovery* *Webpage*: http://www.sepln.org/workshops/tass/2018/task-3/ *Competition environment:* https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/18188 *Datasets and tools:* https://github.com/TASS18-Task3/data

held in conjunction with the SEPLN 2018 International conference at Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, Sevilla (Spain), on September 18th, 2018.

eHealth-KD challenge, as part of the TASS-2018: Workshop on Semantic Analysis at SEPLN, proposes modelling the human language in a scenario in which Spanish electronic health documents could be machine readable from a semantic point of view. With this task, it is expected to encourage the development of software technologies to automatically extract a large variety of knowledge from eHealth documents written in the Spanish Language. Three subtasks:

•    A: Identification of key phrases

•    B: Classification of key phrases

•    C: Setting semantic relationships

The challenge will be managed and played by means Codalab Competitions platform. In addition, the Organization Committee of eHealth-KD encourages participants to submit a description paper of their systems. Submitted papers will be reviewed by a scientific committee, and only accepted papers will be published at CEUR. The proceedings of eHealth-KD will be jointly published with the proceedings of all the tasks of TASS-2018. The submitted papers will be peer-reviewed by a Program Committee which is composed by all the participants in Task 3 and the Organization Committee.

We encourage the entire research community and especially those groups working in knowledge discovering to participate in this task. If you are interested in participating, please browse the following link http://www.sepln.org/workshops/tass/2018/task-3/.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Participate --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. *Register *at https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/18188#participate 2. *J**oin the Google Group* for the task: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/tass2018_ehealth-kd 3. *Download the datasets*, examples, scoring scripts and baselines (if needed) from https://github.com/tass18-task3/data 4. *TRAINING PHASE *: Train your models and evaluate your approach submitting the outputs at https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/18188#results 5. *TESTING PHASE*(*ACTIVE*): Submit your results on the test sets at https://competitions.codalab.org/competitions/18188 6. *Submit a paper *describing your approach. More details in http://www.sepln.org/workshops/tass/2018/task-3/ 7. *Come to Sevilla* (Spain), on September 18th, 2018 and present your approach.

Important Dates =================================================================================

•    Trial data ready   12 Feb 2018

o     Trial data has been released in Github.

o    A trial competition phase is open on Codalab.

•    Release of training and development data   05 Apr 2018

o    Training data has been released in Github.

o    Development data is available in Github.

o    Training phase is ready on Codalab.

o    A baseline implementation has been released.

•    Registration deadline due by 23:59 GMT -12:00  20  May 2018 •    Evaluation start - Release of test data  07 May 2018 *•    Evaluation end - Submissions due by 23:59 GMT -12:00   21 May 2018* •    Publication of competition results  28 May 2018 •    Submission of system description paper's due by 23:59 GMT -12:00  02 Jul 2018 •    Peer-review of system paper's due   23 Jul 2018 •    Author notifications 31 Jul 2018 •    Camera ready submissions due 31 Aug 2018

Task Coordinators -----------------------------------

•    Yoan Gutiérrez Vázquez University of Alicante, Spain •    Suilan Estévez Velarde University of Havana, Cuba •    Yudivián Almeida Cruz University of Havana, Cuba •    Alejandro Piad Morffis University of Havana, Cuba •    Andrés Montoyo Guijarro University of Alicante, Spain •    Rafael Muñoz Guillena University of Alicante, Spain

Contact ------------------- Yoan Gutiérrez Vázquez ygutierrez at dlsi.ua.es


Dr. Yoan Gutiérrez Research Fellow ygutierrez at ua.es Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos (DLSI) Edificio Escuela Politécnica IV Universidad de Alicante Carretera Sant Vicent del Raspeig s/n 03690 Sant Vicent del Raspeig - Alacant Tel. (+34)965903400 Ext. 2961 Fax. (+34)965909326

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