[Corpora-List] Call for Registration: Shared Task on Irony Detection in Italian Tweets (Evalita 2018)

Alessandra Teresa Cignarella cigna at di.unito.it
Wed May 2 11:35:19 CEST 2018

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Call for Participants


Task: Irony Detection in Italian Tweets (ironITA) in the context of EVALITA 2018

Info: http://di.unito.it/ironita18

Final Workshop: 12-13 December 2018, Turin, Italy (co-located with CLiC-it 2018)

Registration is required to obtain data and participate in the shared task.

** Register NOW! ** http://www.evalita.it/2018/registration


The ironITA Task


We propose two different subtasks for the automatic detection of irony on Twitter. Participants may choose to participate to both the tasks or only to one sub-task.

*A) Irony detection*

The first subtask is a two-class (or binary) classification task where the system has to predict whether a tweet is ironic or not.

Given a message, decide whether the message is ironic or not.

*B) Different types of irony (with special focus on sarcasm identification)* The second subtask is a multi-class classification task where the system has to predict one out of three labels describing:

i) sarcasm;

ii) irony which cannot be categorized as sarcasm (i.e. other kinds of verbal irony or descriptions of situational irony which do not show the characteristics of sarcasm);

iii) non-irony.

Given a message, decide whether the message is sarcastic, ironic but not sarcastic or not ironic. Notice that in our interpretation sarcasm is a specific kind of irony.

Irony and sarcasm are present in many domains of great interest nowadays, such as hate speech and political stance. For this reason, we will include in our datasets tweets related to those domains. In particular, a portion of tweets will overlap with data from the EVALITA 2018 shared task devoted to Hate Speech Detection (HaSpeeDe).

Further details on the task, data, and evaluation are available at the task website:



Important Dates


*28th May 2018: Training set available.*

*3rd September 2018: Registration closes.* 17th September 2018: Test set available.

23rd September 2018: Systems results due to the organizers.

1st October 2018: Assessment returned to participants.

15th October 2018: Submission of the working notes due to the organizers.

25th October 2018: Reviews to participants.

5th November 2018: Camera-ready working notes due.

12th or 13th December 2018: Final workshop in Turin.




*Alessandra T. Cignarella*, University of Torino, Italy (cigna at di.unito.it) [Primary Contact]

*Simona Frenda*, University of Torino, Italy frenda at di.unito.it) [Primary Contact]

Cristina Bosco, University of Torino, Italy

Viviana Patti, University of Torino, Italy

Paolo Rosso, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain




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