[Corpora-List] NLPPeople.com jobs: Natural Speech Recognition Software Engineer (ASR) and Lead Computational Linguist

Maxim Khalilov maxkhalilov at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 01:15:16 CEST 2018

2 NLPPeople.com jobs:

1. Natural Speech Recognition Software Engineer (ASR) at AiGent (Amsterdam)

We’re looking for an expert in Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies. Responsibilities will include the identification, testing, selection, and implementation of tools for optimal real-time speech recognition in a call centre environment.

If you’re ready, join our exciting and game-changing journey as a Natural Speech Recognition Software Engineer, fill in the following form and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours. More information and application link: https://nlppeople.com/job/aigent-b-v-amsterdam-43-natural-speech-recognition-software-engineer-asr/

2. Lead Computational Linguist at snips (Paris)

You will be in charge of leading our Language team. This team is responsible for the language dependent logic of our products.

On a day to day basis, you will be instrumental in implementing and shipping code dealing with our linguistic data (like tokenization or textual normalization), as well as building and maintaining the resources necessary to our language coverage (like a few corpora, lexicons and grammars). You will also bring a linguistic expertise to drive improvements for Wakeword Detector, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding solutions at Snips. You can expect to have to brush your skills in phonology, phonetics, syntax and semantics and their application to NLP pipelines. More information and application link: https://nlppeople.com/job/snips-paris-43-lead-computational-linguist/ -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: text/html Size: 4007 bytes Desc: not available URL: <https://mailman.uib.no/public/corpora/attachments/20180327/2ba55f58/attachment.txt>

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