[Corpora-List] PhD position : Semantic analysis and its application in specialized domains

Nabil Hathout Nabil.Hathout at univ-tlse2.fr
Tue Mar 13 18:11:39 CET 2018

PhD position: Semantic analysis and its application in specialized domains

Specialty Areas: computational linguistics; distributional semantics; terminology

The PhD is part of the ADDICTE project (Distributional analysis in specialized domain) funded by the French National Research Funding Agency (ANR). The goal of the project is to propose an operational solution to the distributional semantic analysis in specialized domain to construct semantico-conceptual representations of the domain (domain ontologies, thesaurus, terminological resources) which can be used both in knowledge engineering and in some documentary applications (indexing of documents for instance).

The PhD will focus on the construction of the meaning of specialized linguistic units: composition and distribution. It will be focus more specifically on the semantic representation of complex terms, constructed morphologically or syntactically, on the processes of construction, and on the computation and exploitation of these representations in multi-domain and multilingual contexts. In particular, it will study the semantic compositionality of complex terms based on the distributional analysis of their components and the semantic relations that can be induced between the complex terms in order to provide existing terminologies with a fine structuring.

Candidate profile:

• Masters degree or equivalent in computer science.

• Previous experience with NLP and machine learning.

• Strong programming skills (Python). Knowledge of Linux.

• Good command of French and English.

• Good academic writing and presentation skills.

• Familiarity with terminology and lexical semantics would be appreciated.

The net salary is approximately 1400€/month

Expressions of interest, together with a CV, transcripts, and contact details of two referees should be sent to Nabil.Hathout at univ-tlse2.fr and Beatrice.Daille at univ-nantes.fr.

Application Deadline: 30-Jun-2018

-- CLLE/ERSS, CNRS & Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès Maison de la Recherche. F-31058 Toulouse cedex 9 Tél. (+33) 561-503-603. Nabil.Hathout at univ-tlse2.fr http://w3.erss.univ-tlse2.fr/membre/hathout/

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