[Corpora-List] PhD Position: The semantics of morphological derivational relations

Nabil Hathout Nabil.Hathout at univ-tlse2.fr
Tue Mar 13 18:21:19 CET 2018

3 years PhD position starting next Fall at the CLLE CNRS lab (Toulouse)

Specialty Areas: Morphology, Lexical Semantics, Language Resources, Computational Linguistics

We invite applications for a 3 years PhD position funded by the French National Research Funding Agency (ANR) as part of the “Demonext: Derivational Morphology in Extension” project.

The project aims to build Demonette, a large-scale French morphological database which systematically describes derivational relations between words. The relations form an interconnected network whose edges and vertices bear numerous and rich descriptions: morphosemantic, morphosyntactic, morphophonological, derivational, distributional, statistics, etc. The database will be fed by large scale lexical resources covering a variety of French morphological processes that were created by morphologists as part of academic studies. The original combination of information offered by Demonette will meet multiple needs: empirical confirmation of morphological hypotheses, elaboration of new hypotheses, development of NLP tools, vocabulary instruction, treatment of developmental and acquired language disorders.

As part of this project, the PhD will focus on the semantic description of lexemes and derivational relationships between lexemes. This will include the definition of a set of morphosemantic types relevant to morphology, the description of the lexical meaning of the morphological relations present within the derivational families, and the proposition of a formal framework for the semantic representation of these relations. The description will exploit the semantic information described in existing resources like FrameNet, WordNet, RLF, etc. The work will also include an application component directly related to the construction of the Demonette resource, in addition to the more theoretical component on the organization of morphosemantic relationships in derivation.

The PhD will include an applied component related to the development of the Demonette resource, and a more theoretical part focusing the organization of morphosemantic relations in derivation.

The candidate should hold a Master degree in natural language processing, linguistics, cognitive science, computer science, or a related field and have some knowledge of derivational morphology (especially of French) and of lexical semantics. The candidate is expected to have a good command of French, and good academic writing and presentation skills. Good programming skills (Python, SQL) and some familiarity with FrameNet, WordNet and with formal semantics skills would be welcome.

The thesis may be written in French or English, however, the activities at the doctoral school are in French.

The PhD will be co-supervised by Nabil Hathout at the CLLE laboratory in Toulouse (http://clle.univ-tlse2.fr/) and by Fiammetta Namer at the ATILF laboratory in Nancy (http://www.atilf.fr/). The successful candidate will be based in Toulouse but will make regular trips to Nancy.

The monthly salary is 1400 euros after taxes.

Expressions of interest, together with a CV, transcripts, and contact details of two referees should be sent to Nabil.Hathout at univ-tlse2.fr and Fiammetta.Namer at univ-lorraine.fr.

Application Deadline: 30-Jun-2018

-- CLLE/ERSS, CNRS & Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès Maison de la Recherche. F-31058 Toulouse cedex 9 Tél. (+33) 561-503-603. Nabil.Hathout at univ-tlse2.fr http://w3.erss.univ-tlse2.fr/membre/hathout/

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