[Corpora-List] Call for Participants: MEX-A3T @ IBEREVAL2018, Authorship and aggressiveness analysis in Twitter: case study in Mexican Spanish

Luis Villaseñor-Pineda villasen at inaoep.mx
Mon Mar 5 18:28:17 CET 2018

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MEX-A3T @ IBEREVAL2018 Task on authorship and aggressiveness analysis in Twitter: case study in Mexican Spanish


Task description:

Despite the progress in the analysis of textual information obtained from social networks, there are still open issues that deserve further research in order to be solved, or better understood. Specifically, we organized a task on the analysis of tweets by Mexican users. This task comprises two tracks that focus on aspects that have not yet been considered in similar academic competitions. The aim is to advance the state of the art on the non-thematic analysis of short texts written in Mexican Spanish. The two tracks we propose focus on digital text forensics as follows: on the one hand, one of the tracks focuses on AUTHOR PROFILING, which has the objective to develop methods for profiling users according to non-standard dimensions; on the other hand, the second  track focuses on AGGRESSIVENESS DETECTION in tweets.

These  tracks aim to lead research in two different core directions of computational linguistics. Firstly, the treatment of a variety of Spanish that includes cultural traits which make it significantly different from peninsular Spanish. Since the task is based on Twitter posts, participants will have to deal with a very specific variation of Spanish. Secondly, the research looks into two different aspects of author profiling that have not been studied in depth by the community which are: occupation and place of residence. Most research so far has focused on age and gender; although useful, the aspects considered in this task are more challenging and can be applied in a wider range of cases. Finally, it is a track focused on aggressiveness detection within text on Twitter. This is a crucial topic, given that users of social networks are exposed to threads that may put their integrity at risk. With this track, we aim to promote research on this topic since it has not received much attention from the community.

More Info at: https://mexa3t.wixsite.com/home Register to our task at: https://mexa3t.wixsite.com/home/contact

Task organizers

Manuel Montes, INAOE, Mexico Hugo Jair Escalante, INAOE, Mexico Miguel Ángel Álvarez, INAOE, Mexico Estefania Guzmán, INAOE, Mexico Verónica Reyes, CTBC, UAT, Mexico Antonio Rico, UDLAP, Mexico Luis Villaseñor, INAOE, Mexico

Contact mex.a3t at gmail.com

Important dates

5th March 2018: training data available to participants 23th April 2018: test data available to participants August 2018: Presentation of results at a workshop in Mexico September 2018: IBEREVAL at SEPLN 2018 Workshop (Seville, Spain)

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