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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS)* 20 July 2018, Co-located with ACL 2018 https://nlposs.github.io/

Deadline for Long and Short Paper submission: 25th March 2018 (23:59, GMT-11) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The First Workshop for NLP Open Source Software (NLP-OSS) will be co-located with ACL 2018 at Melbourne, Australia on 20 July 2018.

Focusing more on the social and engineering aspect of NLP software and less on scientific novelty or state-of-art models, the Workshop for NLP-OSS is an academic forum to advance open source developments for NLP research, teaching and application.

NLP-OSS also provides an academic workshop to announce new software/features, promote the collaborative culture and best practices that go beyond the conferences.

We invite full papers (8 pages) or short papers (4 pages) on topics related to NLP-OSS broadly categorized into (i) software development, (ii) scientific contribution and (iii) NLP-OSS case studies.

- **Software Development**

- Designing and developing NLP-OSS

- Licensing issues in NLP-OSS

- Backwards compatibility and stale code in NLP-OSS

- Growing an NLP-OSS community

- Maintaining and motivating an NLP-OSS community

- Best practices for NLP-OSS documentation and testing

- Contribution to NLP-OSS without coding

- Incentivizing OSS contributions in NLP

- Commercialization and Intellectual Property of NLP-OSS

- Defining and managing NLP-OSS project scope

- Issues in API design for NLP

- NLP-OSS software interoperability

- Analysis of the NLP-OSS community

- **Scientific Contribution**

- Surveying OSS for specific NLP task(s)

- Demonstration and tutorial of NLP-OSS

- New NLP-OSS introductions

- Small but useful NLP-OSS

- NLP components in ML OSS

- Citations and references for NLP-OSS

- OSS vs experiment replicability

- Gaps between existing NLP-OSS

- Task-generic vs task-specific software

- **Case studies**

- Case studies of how a specific bug is fixed or feature is added

- Writing wrappers for other NLP-OSS

- Writing open-source APIs for open data

- Teaching NLP with OSS

- NLP-OSS in the industry

Submission should be formatted according to the [ACL2018 templates]( http://acl2018.org/call-for-papers/)


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