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Francesca BIANCHI francesca.bianchi at unisalento.it
Mon Jun 25 14:24:38 CEST 2018

The Unisalento Summer School of Audiovisual Translation and the Department of Humanities of the University of Salento are pleased to announce an international conference on

*Specialised discourse and multimedia: Linguistic features and translation issues*

Lecce (Italy), 14-16 February 2019


*Keynote speakers*:

· Ana Frankenberg-Garcia · Marco E.L. Guidi · Juliane House · Bethania Mariani · Anna Matamala

*Conference themes*

This conference focusses on scientific and technical discourse and the ways in which it appears in or is shaped by multimedia products. The key-issues of the conference include (but are by no means limited to) the following:

o New multimodal or multimedia forms of specialised discourse (in institutional, academic, technical, scientific, social or popular settings)

o Linguistic features of specialised discourse in multimodal or multimedia genres

o The popularisation of specialised knowledge in multimodal or multimedia genres

o The impact of multimodality and multimediality on the construction of scientific and technical discourse

o The impact of multimodality/multimediality in the practice and teaching of interpreting

o The impact of multimodality/multimediality in the practice and teaching of translation

o New multimedia modes of knowledge dissemination

o The translation/adaptation of scientific discourse in multimedia products: challenges and solutions

o Diatechnical transpositions of specialized discourse.


Analytical approaches based on synchronic, diachronic and/or contrastive, intralinguistic, interlinguistic and intercultural perspectives (including: translation; transcreation; simplification) are all equally welcome. Studies on one or more of the working languages of the conference are particularly appreciated.

The working languages of the conference are English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese.

Presentations will be allotted 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion.


Submissions should be directed to francesca.bianchi at unisalento.it by 31 July 2018. In the object line of the message please enter “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION”.

The required format for submissions is an abstract of 300-500 words (excluding references), possibly in MS/word format.

Please do not include any self-identifying information on the abstract; indicate only the title and the abstract itself. On a separate cover sheet, please specify:




Postal mailing address (for primary author):

E-mail (for primary author):

Telephone (for primary author):


A volume of selected papers will be published. Detailed guidelines for formatting and submitting the manuscript will be provided immediately after the conference.

*Conference organizers**: *Francesca Bianchi and Gianluigi De Rosa

*Scientific Committee:*

Anna Giambagli (University of Trieste), Annalisa Sandrelli (UNINT – Rome), Antonella De Laurentiis (University of Salento), Belinda Crawford (University of Pisa), Carlo Eugeni (Intersteno), Caterina Falbo (University of Trieste), Christopher Rundle (University of Bologna), Cinzia Spinzi (University of Palermo), Daniela Vellutino (University of Salerno), David Katan (University of Salento), Elena Manca (University of Salento), Elisa Perego (University of Trieste), Federica Scarpa (University of Trieste), Franca Orletti (University of Roma Tre), Francesca Bianchi (University of Salento), Gian Luigi De Rosa (University of Salento), Giuliana Garzone (IULM - International University of Languages and Media), Giuseppe Palumbo (University of Trieste), Goretti Faya Ornia (University of Valladolid), Ignazia Posadinu (University of Essex), Katia de Abreu Chulata (University of Chieti-Pescara), Lupe Romero Ramos (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Marco Guidi (University of Pisa), Marek Lukasik (Pomeranian University), Maria Chiara Russo (University of Bologna), Maria Grazia Guido (University of Salento), Maria Pavesi (University of Pavia), Marina Bondi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Monica Lupetti (University of Pisa), Raffaella Tonin (University of Bologna), Raquel Sanz-Moreno (University of Valencia), Salvador Pippa (University of Roma Tre), Silvia Bernardini (University of Bologna), Silvia Bruti (University of Pisa), Stefania Maci (University of Bergamo), Teresa Musacchio (University of Padova), Vânia Casseb-Galvão (Federal University of Goiás)

*Organizing Committee*:

Francesca Bianchi, Gian Luigi De Rosa, Francesco Morleo, Elisa Fina, Caterina Varasano, Francesca Degli Atti

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