[Corpora-List] 3 research associates in Data Sciences/Text Mining, Geneva, Switzerland

Ruch Patrick (HES) patrick.ruch at hesge.ch
Mon Jul 30 18:34:00 CEST 2018

Dear all,

The SIB Text Mining group in Geneva is looking for three associate researchers<http://bitem.hesge.ch/job/three-research-associate-positions-sib-text-mining-hes-so-geneva-switzerland>: https://www.elixir-europe.org/about-us/vacancies/three-research-associate-positions-sib-text-mining-hes-so !

The succesful candidates will help supporting the thread of activities of the group and in particular the following assets: 1. tools to support biocuration, 2. litterature services, 3. infrastructures to support personalized health (Elixir at EU levels and SPHN at Swiss national levels). For more information (staff members, publications, source of fundings etc.) about the group at the HES-SO and at SIB, please visit http://bitem.hesge.ch/ and https://www.sib.swiss/ruch-patrick/patrick-ruch-sub.

The positions are available until they are fullfilled.

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