[Corpora-List] [Jobs] Computational Linguists (English/German/French) at Savana (Noa Cruz - ncruz at savanamed.com))

Noa Patricia Cruz Diaz noa.cruz at dti.uhu.es
Mon Jul 23 12:21:59 CEST 2018

Savana (www.savanamed.com [1]) is looking for three native English/German/French speaking Computational Linguist to play a key and exciting role on our new international team located in Madrid and to participate on a challenging project of making our AI solutions ready for the English, German and French speaking markets.

We offer:

Work with a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, computer engineers, computational linguists, mathematicians, designers, medical Natural Language Processing expert programmers and other disciplines. We are a team of professionals with a common goal: to blend the knowledge of all of us to seek excellence in our purpose. Coming from very different disciplines, we want everyone to learn from everyone, creating a unique entity that moves towards the transformation of health through Artificial Intelligence.

An opportunity to provoke a positive impact. We seek to improve health on the planet through technology and to help people and health institutions. Our employees and collaborators strive to provide our users with the necessary tools and support to achieve a more accessible and egalitarian global health. We care about our environment and we are willing to improve it.

An environment to express yourself as you are and enjoy what you know. We defend individuality to form a richer and more plural "ecosystem". Be yourself and tell us what you have learned and how could we use it together to help us achieve our purpose. If you like what you do, we like to work with you.


Native English/German/French speaking and fluent in English Master or PhD in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics or a related area, with focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Experience developing and releasing scalable NLP-based products.

Experience in leveraging software for text processing and representation (e.g., NLTK, OpenNLP, CoreNLP, etc.)

A strong background in machine learning and deep learning techniques applied to NLP and natural language understanding problems such as Named Entity Extraction and Linking, Word Sense Disambiguation, etc.

Excellent programming skills in Python.

Experience working with DBs, knowledge graphs, ontologies.

Experience with unstructured textual data.

Ability to work well within a team or alone.

Ability to work in a multinational, multidisciplinary and fast-growing environment.

Maintain one's own strategy but adapting it to a changing and even volatile environment.

Patient, flexible attitude, ability to perform under pressure.

Autonomy, creativity, good capacities for analysis and organisation of work Willing to be based in our HQ in Madrid for at least two years.

Job description:

All the information available in the medical records is in natural language. It would have no use for a machine if it is not previously "translated" by the team of computational linguists, capable of:

Train the algorithms to disambiguate the narrative of the free text.

Structure the language of medical records to adapt it to computational processing.

Develop and train algorithms with clinical texts of all kinds.

Assist in identifying and developing future research initiatives. Engage in appropriate training and development opportunities.

Introduce techniques and ideas to increase the accuracy and performance of Savana (word embeddings, neural network approaches, machine learning classifiers, pattern identification, named entity recognition, linguistic quality control, text categorization and other NLP issues).

Collect, store and manipulate big data.

Apply on: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/776189999/

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