[Corpora-List] Opening call for two Master grants at University of Évora

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Thu Jul 19 22:37:34 CEST 2018

*Research opening *

*http://www.eracareers.pt/opportunities/index.aspx?task=global&jobId=101950 <http://www.eracareers.pt/opportunities/index.aspx?task=global&jobId=101950>*

*Job description:* Opening call for two Master grants under the "NIIAA – Iúcleo de Investigação em Inteligência Artificial em Agricultura" (Núcleos de I&D - Copromoção), under reference number 36981, financed by the Operational Program PO ALENTEJO1, in the following conditions:

*Scientific area* Informatics / Computer science

*Admission requirements*Master in Computer Science (or related area) with work developed in the area of Artificial Intelligence. It will be a preferential factor to have participated in research projects with work developed in Data Mining and Big Data.

*Work plan*The project aims to study and use Artificial Intelligence techniques in the "Big Data" of the Agro world, specifically to develop an applied and customized crop monitoring system with advanced technologies applied to precision agriculture and intelligent agriculture.

The following tasks are envisaged:

- Upgrading the state of the art for cleaning, storing and condensing

large and complex volumes of data

- Upgrading of the state of the art in the processing and analysis of

large and complex volumes of data in agriculture

- Research and development of new solutions for cleaning, storing and

condensing large and complex volumes of agricultural data: alphanumerical

data and images

- Research, development and testing of new solutions to process and

analyze large and complex volumes of agricultural data: alpha-numeric data

and images

- Integrating solutions into the business process

- Collaboration in the preparation of documentation for promotion and

dissemination of results. Elaboration of articles for publication in

speciality magazines

- Elaboration of technical reports and participation in meetings

*Legislation and applicable regulations*The granting of the Research Scholarship will be carried out by means of a contract between the University of Évora and the scholar, under the terms of the Research Grants Regulation of the University of Évora (Service Order n.1/2011), of the Scientific Research Grantee (Law n.40/2004 of August 18, and Law n.202/2012 of August 27) and in accordance with the legislation and Regulation of Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources of the FCT.

*Workplace*The work will be developed in the Department of Informatics of the University of Évora, under the scientific guidance of Profs. Teresa Gonçalves e Luís Rato.

*Duration of the scholarships*The scholarships will last for 12 months, starting in September 2018, with the possibility of renewal for a total of 30 months.

*Monthly maintenance allowance* The amount of the scholarship corresponds to € 980 (nine hundred and eighty euros), according to the table of values of scholarships directly attributed by FCT, I.P. (http://fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/valores); payments are made monthly by check or bank transfer.

*Selection Methods*The selection method to be used is the following: curricular evaluation, interview and knowledge assignment, with their respective valuation of 60% (sixty percent), 20% (twenty percent) and , 20% ( twenty percent), respectively.

*Composition of the Selection Jury* President: Prof.ª Doutora Teresa Cristina de Freitas Gonçalves 1st Member – Prof. Doutor Luís Miguel Mendonça Rato 2nd Member – Prof. Doutor Pedro Dinis Loureiro Salgueiro 1st Substitute – Prof. Doutor Miguel José Simões Barão 2nd Substitute – Prof. Doutor José Miguel Gomes Saias

*Form of publication/notification of results*The evaluation final results will be publicized using an alphabetically ordered list posted in a visible and public place of the Department of Informatics of the University of Évora, and the candidate will be notified by e-mail. In accordance with the right of prior hearing of the interested parties, the Final Classification proposal will be announced by any written means to all interested parties.

*Application Deadline and Application Form*The call is open from July 18 to July 31, 2018 and the selection results will be published until August 3, 2018. Applications must be formalized, obligatorily, by sending an application letter accompanied by the following documents: Curriculum Vitae, certificate of qualifications and other supporting documents considered relevant.

Applications must be mailed or e-mailed to:

Prof. Teresa Gonçalves Departamento de Informática da Universidade de Évora Apartado 94, 7002-554, Évora e-mail: tcg at uevora.pt -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: text/html Size: 5582 bytes Desc: not available URL: <https://mailman.uib.no/public/corpora/attachments/20180719/1afbecb6/attachment.txt>

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