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Dear Irina,

you could try clarin:el (www.clarin.gr/en), the Greek infrastructure for language resources and related tools offered as web services (part of the CLARIN network <http://www.clarin.eu/> ).

In clarin:el the users can select resources (monolingual Greek or multilingual parallel corpora containing Greek) from the inventory or upload their own resources to process using the tools offered by the infrastructure.

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You might find språkbanken (https://spraakbanken.gu.se/korp/) useful. The tool contains various Swedish corpora and a sophisticated search interface. The site also has an English version which can be accessed in the top right corner.



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Hi all!

I am trying to update a group of (not computational) linguists about the currently _accessible corpora_ and working _corpus analysis tools_.

I am aware of the most famous tools and multilingual/English corpora.

*I would be extremely thankful if somebody could point me towards the following:*

1. I am interested in any corpus analysis tools, which are usable by linguists and

are **different** from the usual concordances, keywords/terms extractors, and collocations, i.e. different from:

AntConc, WordSmith tools, SketchEngine (although it is amazingly great! :) ), LIWC, no NLTK -- too complex for my audience ;).

It would be nice if the tools offer some syntactic analysis, for example.

*It would be better if the tools could be used with the user's own corpora*, and if they are easy to use.

2. I am interested in corpora with texts in the following languages (especially learners' corpora, social media corpora, parallel corpora):

Italian - especially medieval historical



French, specifically social media (e.g. tweets), dialogues between foreigners

Spanish tourism

Modern Greek



Thank you very much in advance!

Irina Temnikova


Irina P. Temnikova, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Lecturer & Computational Linguistics Researcher

Sofia University (past Qatar Computing Research Institute & Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)


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