[Corpora-List] Announcing the SFU Opinion and Comments Corpus

Maite Taboada mtaboada at sfu.ca
Mon Feb 26 19:25:44 CET 2018

The Discourse Processing Lab at Simon Fraser University is pleased to announce the release of the SFU Opinion and Comments Corpus.

The SFU Opinion and Comments Corpus (SOCC) is a corpus for the analysis of online news comments. Our corpus contains comments and the articles from which the comments originated. The articles are all opinion articles, not hard news articles. The corpus is larger than any other currently available comments corpora, and has been collected with attention to preserving reply structures and other metadata. In addition to the raw corpus, we also present annotations for four different phenomena: constructiveness, toxicity, negation and its scope, and appraisal.

Full details, and download link, are available from our GitHub project page: https://github.com/sfu-discourse-lab/SOCC

For more information about this work, please see our papers.


Kolhatkar, V., H. Wu, L. Cavasso, E. Francis, K. Shukla and M.

Taboada (2018) The SFU Opinion and Comments Corpus: A corpus for the

analysis of online news comments


Journal paper under review.


Kolhatkar. V. and M. Taboada (2017) Using New York Times Picks to

identify constructive comments

<https://aclanthology.info/pdf/W/W17/W17-4218.pdf>. Proceedings of

the Workshop Natural Language Processing Meets Journalism

<http://nlpj2017.fbk.eu/>, Conference on Empirical Methods in

Natural Language Processing. Copenhagen. September 2017.


Kolhatkar, V. and M. Taboada (2017) Constructive language in news

comments <http://aclweb.org/anthology/W17-3002>. Proceedings of the

1st Abusive Language Online Workshop

<https://sites.google.com/site/abusivelanguageworkshop2017/>, 55th

Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Vancouver. August 2017, pp. 11-17.


Varada Kolhatkar (vkolhatk at sfu.ca <mailto:vkolhatk at sfu.ca>) Maite Taboada (mtaboada at sfu.ca <mailto:mtaboada at sfu.ca>)

-- Maite Taboada Professor Department of Linguistics Simon Fraser University 8888 University Dr. Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6, Canada

Tel +1-778-782-5585 mtaboada at sfu.ca http://www.sfu.ca/~mtaboada

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