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Descriptionof Professorship in Artificial Intelligence or Data ScienceFacultyof Engineering (FE) Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile. Departmentof Engineering Science 1.The DepartmentTheDepartment of Engineering Science (DES) is a researchand development unit that was established in 2004. Several researchgroups and centers form this unit including the Computer Sciencegroup. In the context of consolidating and extending its researchstrengths in strategic areas as well as of supporting delivery of ourundergraduate and postgraduate courses in Computing Science, ourdepartment is looking for leading researchers with an excellentpublication track on top-tier conferences and journals. Ourdepartment is also determined to constantly revise and improve theteaching as disseminating is state-of-the-art research toundergraduate and postgraduate students. Nowadays, DES isconducting research into foundations of Computer Science andArtificial Intelligence as well as in application different fields. CurrentlyDES calls to apply for a tenure-track faculty position in ArtificialIntelligence or Machine Learning at Associate/Full Professor level.We are especially interested in candidates with expertise in theareas of Planning and Data Science. The concrete title of theposition will be decided, depending on the candidate’s merits andcareer stage. 2.Purpose of the PositionThepurpose of the position is to build a new research team in ArtificialIntelligence andData Science,and develop the existing expertise in descriptive and predictive dataanalysis based on data mining, machine learning, big data, automatedplanning or heuristic search. The selected candidate is expected tolead an applied research topic, to develop international cooperation,publish the results of research and development, work as an leadingresearcher in his/her field, ensure funding for research anddevelopment, represent the Department at scientific conferences andseminars, carry out studies and use up-to-date methodologies andeducational technology at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels,organize, develop and be responsible for studies in the group ofsubjects in his/her field, supervise PhD students. The selectedcandidate will have to supervise post and undergraduate theses, andtake part into committees aimed at updating and redesigning ourcurrent programs. 3.Job Description (main tasks related to teaching, research anddevelopment):3.1Leading research and development activities in core ArtificialIntelligence or DataSciencetechnologies with strong ties to some application areas and takingsteps to secure the funding necessary for those activities;publishing in leading international journals and conferences.3.2Supervising undergraduate and master as well as doctoral theses andpost-doctoral researchers.3.3Successful candidates will contribute to teaching on ourundergraduate and postgraduate courses. We are looking for excellentcommunicators with a strong commitment to delivering high quality,current and relevant content to a diverse range of students. He/shemust be responsible for the drawing up of syllabi in their subjects,for monitoring teaching in those subjects and ensuring the presenceof study and teaching aids in these subjects and arranging thecreation of such aids where necessary.3.4Performing administrative activities related to the studies —participating in the work of research organizations, editing researchjournals and collections of articles, organizing conferences,creating and developing the research group etc.3.5Experience in industrially-applied research is desirable but notessential. Our research has a strong focus on robust real-worldapplications and so a willingness to engage with industry is a keyrequirement of the role. In particular, transferring state-of-the-artknowledge to industry via high impact applications.3.6Strong evidence of collaboration with leading research institutionsis also highly desirable. 3.7FE will offer a competitive gross salary between 50,000 and 75,000 USDollar per year according to the rank of the selected candidate.

4.Requirements:Weexpect the applicants to have a Ph.D. in Computer Science or AppliedMathematics or a related area, and show evidence of exceptionalresearch promise. A minimum of one years’ post-doctoral researchexperience in data mining, machine learning, big data, automatedplanning or heuristic search is highly desirable. Awillingnessto transfer knowledge by teaching is required together with awillingness of systematically improving and acquiring novel andeffective methods. ApplicationInstructions:Allapplicants should submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, researchstatement, the names and contact information for three references,and statement of teaching interests via e-mail.Forfurther information regarding the candidate selection process, pleasecontact Carlos Hernández, carlos.hernandez.u at unab.cl.Typeof contract:Permanent Startdate of the employment contract:By agreement (starting from April 1th 2018 or later) ApplicationDate Deadline:March 20th, 2018

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