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Workshop on Technologies for MT of Low Resource Languages (LoResMT 2018)

Boston, Massachusetts, March 21, 2018


@ AMTA 2018 (http://www.conference.amtaweb.org/) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

BRIEF: 1. Call for 4-8 pages research, review, position papers, and 2 pages demo descriptions 2. Submission by *February 12, 2018 (Extended)* anywhere in the world https://www.softconf.com/amta2018/loresmt/


Statistical and neural machine translation (SMT/NMT) methods have been successfully used to build MT systems in many popular languages in the last two decades with significant improvements on the quality of automatic translation. However, these methods still rely upon a few natural language processing (NLP) tools to help pre-process human generated texts in the forms that are required as input for these methods, and/or post-process the output in proper textual forms in target languages.

In many MT systems, the performance of these tools has great impacts on the quality of resulting translation. However, there is not much discussion on these NLP tools, their methods, their roles in different MT systems of diverse methods, their coverage of support for the many languages in the world, etc. In this workshop, we would like to bring together researchers who work on these topics and help review/overview what are the most important tasks we need from these tools for MT in the following years.

These NLP tools include, but not limited to, several kinds of word tokenizers/de-tokenizers, word segmenters, morphology analysers, etc. In this workshop, we solicit papers dedicated to these supplementary tools that are used in any language and especially in low resource languages. We would like to have an overview of these NLP tools from our community. The evaluations of these tools in research papers should include how they have improved the quality of MT output.


We solicit original research papers, review papers as well as position papers on these tools in the workshop. Multilingual and/or Cross-lingual NLP tools for MT of low resource languages are especially welcome. Topics of the workshop include but not limited to

- Research and review papers of pre-process and/or post-process NLP tools for MT - Position papers on the development of pre-process and/or post-process tools for MT - Word tokenizers/de-tokenizers for specific languages - Word/morpheme segmenters for specific languages - Alignment/Re-ordering tools for specific language-pairs - Use of morphology analysers and/or morpheme segmenters for MT - Multilingual and/or Cross-lingual NLP tools for MT - Reusability of existing NLP tools for low resource languages - Corpora curation technologies for low resource languages - Review of available parallel corpora for low resource languages - Research and review papers of MT methods for low resource languages - Fast building of MT systems for low resource languages - Reusability of existing MT systems for low resource languages


Workshop papers should follow AMTA 2018 style guide.

There are two types of submissions in the workshop. For research, review and position papers, the length of each paper should be at least four (4) and not exceed eight (8) pages, plus additional two (2) pages for references. More pages would be allowed as long as it could be justified. The review will be double-blind. For non-archival system demonstration abstracts, the length should be two (2) or more pages. The review will be single-blind.

We would like to encourage authors to cite papers written in ANY language that are related to the topic they are working on, as long as both original bibliographic items and their corresponding English translations are given.

The submission website is online already. Submission deadline is February 4, 2018 anywhere in the world. https://www.softconf.com/amta2018/loresmt/


December 22, 2017: First call for papers

January 10, 2018: Second call for papers

*February 12, 2018 (extended)*: Submission deadline of workshop papers

February 16, 2018: Notification of acceptance

February 21, 2018: Camera-ready papers due

March 21, 2018: LoResMT workshop


Alina Karakanta Universität des Saarlandes

Chao-Hong Liu ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University

Daria Dzendzik ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University

Erlyn Manguilimotan Weathernews Inc., Japan, formerly with NAIST

Francis Tyers Higher School of Economics, National Research University

Iacer Calixto ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University

Ian Soboroff National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Jonathan Washington Swarthmore College

Majid Latifi Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Nathaniel Oco National University (Philippines)

Peyman Passban ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University

Prachya Boonkwan National Electronics and Computer Technology Center

Sangjie Duanzhu Qinghai Normal University

Santanu Pal Universität des Saarlandes

Sivaji Bandyopadhyay Jadavpur University

Sudip Kumar Naskar Jadavpur University

Thepchai Supnithi National Electronics and Computer Technology Center

Tommi A Pirinen Universität Hamburg

Vinit Ravishankar Charles University in Prague

Yalemisew Abgaz ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University


chaohong.liu at adaptcentre.ie

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