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@LREC 2018, Miyazaki (Japan), 8th May 2018 https://multilingualbio.bsc.es/

*Call for papers* The need to translate biomedical texts occurs in many situations. As an example, cross-border mobility of people may require specific translation of medical records and discharge reports. In addition, internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry demands that technical specifications and package leaflets of medicines be translated to the language of the customer in several countries; not to mention medical patent translation, which is a specific area by itself. Other common examples of translation of biomedical text are laboratory reports, clinical trials or scientific publications. The use of Machine Translation in scenarios such as the above is desirable, both to reduce costs and to ensure terminological consistency across languages. Machine Translation, one of the most challenging tasks in Natural Language Processing, has experienced a big quality leap in recent years, due to the application of deep learning techniques and the growing availability of bilingual in-domain corpora. Yet, high quality translation of specialized domains remains a challenge and is very much dependant on the availability of good quality parallel corpus in that domain.

In this workshop, we will introduce attendees to new attempts of automatic processing of biomedical text in languages other than English and in multilingual scenarios. The goal of this workshop is to promote synergies between the BioNLP community and the Machine Translation community, by addressing issues of common interest, in particular:

- Production of multilingual corpora in the biomedical domain.

- Creation of multilingual biomedical glossaries and ontologies.

- Extension of the coverage of the Unified Medical Language System

(UMLS) to languages other than English.

- Building of MT systems adapted to the biomedical domain.

- Dealing with localisation issues, including adaptation to local

varieties of international languages (UK vs USA English, Spanish from Spain

and Latin America or USA, etc.).

and in general:

- Extraction, representation, interoperability and integration of

specialised multilingual resources,

- Development of novel tools to overcome serious limitations of coverage

of non-English lexical sources and components.

*Important Dates* January 20, 2018: Paper submission deadline February 15, 2018: Acceptance notifications March 9, 2018: Camera-ready and final programme of Workshop Proceedings

*Submissions* Three types of submissions are invited: - Research papers, describing original research; these can be either long (6-8 pages, not including references) or short (3-4 pages, not including references); - Project notes, describing recent, ongoing or planned projects (2-4 pages including references); - Demonstration notes, accompanying demonstration of software, tools, or systems (2-4 pages including references). Papers should be in compliance with the style sheet adopted for the LREC Proceedings. The MultilingualBIO proceedings will be published in the LREC 2018 proceedings, with a specific ISBN.

*Contact* - Martin Krallinger (CNIO), mkrallinger at cnio.es - Maite Melero (OTG-SESIAD), maite.melero at upf.edu <maite.melero at upf.edu>

*Organising Committee:*

- Martin Krallinger, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas,


- Maite Melero, OTG-SESIAD, Spain.

- Marta Villegas, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, Spain.

- David Pérez, SESIAD, Spain.

- Aitor Gonzalez-Agirre, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas,


- Ander Intxaurrondo, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas,


- Núria Bel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

- Khalid Choukri, ELDA, France.

- Monica Monachini, ILC-CNR. Italy.

*Scientific Committee:*

- Sophia Ananiadou (NaCTeM), UK.

- Nigel Collier (EMBL-EBI), UK

- Marta R. Costa-Jussá (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Spain

- Hercules Dalianis (Stockholm University), Sweden

- Cristina España-Bonet (DFKI), Germany

- Jin-Dong Kim (DBCLS / ROIS), Japan

- Anália Lourenço (Universidad de Vigo), Spain

- Paloma Martínez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

- Raquel Martínez Unanue (UNED), Spain

- Roser Morante (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Holland

- Mariana Neves (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment), Germany

- Patrick Ruch (University of Applied Sciences), Geneva

- Alfonso Valencia (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Spain

- Hua Xu (UTHealth School of Biomedical Informatics), US

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