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The Department of Linguistics at McGill University invites applications for graduate admission for Fall 2018.

We offer a competitive funding package for five years for PhD students and one year and eight months for MA students. The PhD program allows for applications straight from a B.A., or after an M.A. Applicants are admitted to the program, rather than to work with a specific supervisor. This gives students considerable flexibility in developing their own research agenda. The program offers a tight curriculum of core courses in the first year, and a lighter load with more in-depth courses in the second year. PhD students write and defend two evaluation papers before embarking on their dissertation research, as is common in other North American PhD programs.

Our PhD program focuses on theoretical and experimental approaches to linguistics. We are excited to have recently added two new faculty members to the experimental and computational side: Timothy J. O'Donnell (Computational Models of Language Learning and Processing, Mathematical Linguistics, Probabilistic Inference), and Francisco Torreira (Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Prosody, Corpus Linguistics, Interactional Linguistics).

These new hires add to existing strengths in Syntax and Morphology (Jessica Coon, Lisa Travis), Syntax and Semantics (Junko Shimoyama, Michael Wagner), Formal Semantics and Pragmatics (Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Brendan Gillon and Bernhard Schwarz), Phonology (Heather Goad, Morgan Sonderegger, Michael Wagner), Phonetics and Psycholinguistics (Charles Boberg, Meghan Clayards), Language Acquisition (Heather Goad, Lydia White), and Sociolinguistics (Charles Boberg).

Our program has a strong focus on methods (Field Methods, Formal Methods, Experimental Methods, Computational Methods), and offers courses in a diverse range of experimental and computational research areas: Meghan Clayards (Phonetics and Psycholinguistics), Timothy O'Donnell (Computational Modeling and Mathematical Linguistics), Morgan Sonderegger (Computational Phonology and Phonetics), Michael Wagner (Prosody and Language Processing), Charles Boberg (Sociolinguistics and Dialectology), Heather Goad (L1 and L2 Acquisition of Phonology), and Lydia White (L2 Acquisition of Syntax). We have excellent experimental facilities (sound attenuated booths, eye-trackers, etc.). We are affiliated with the Centre for Research on Brain, Language, and Music (http://crblm.ca) which has many additional resources, and have close ties to the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, the Department of Psychology, and the School of Computer Science at McGill. We also continue our long tradition in teaching field methods and conducting fieldwork, today with Jessica Coon's Fieldwork Lab at the center.

Visit our webpage for more information about our research ( https://www.mcgill.ca/linguistics/research) and the graduate programs ( https://www.mcgill.ca/linguistics/graduate). Our website also provides information on living in Montréal, where McGill University is located, a cosmopolitan, bilingual, and affordable city. Instruction at McGill is in English.

The Department of Linguistics McGill University

Applications Deadline: 10-Dec-2017

Web Address for Applications: http://www.mcgill.ca/linguistics/graduate/admission

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