[Corpora-List] 1st CFP: LREC 2018 workshop "Improving Social Inclusion using NLP: Tools, Methods and Resources" (ISI-NLP 2)

ineke schuurman ineke.schuurman at ccl.kuleuven.be
Thu Nov 9 19:48:02 CET 2017

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"Improving Social Inclusion using NLP: Tools, Methods and Resources"

ISI-NLP 2 is a pre-conference LREC workshop, May 7, 2017 (afternoon session). The venue: Miyazaki (Japan).

Submission deadline: January 17, 2018 Website: www.ccl.kuleuven.be/ISINLP2/


1st Call for papers


Workshop description

Nowadays social media should be accessible to everyone. People who are in some respect and/or to some extent functionally illiterate in a specific language are currently excluded from properly using these media.

We call for papers describing tools, methods and resources bridging this social divide.

These tools, methods and resources would for example allow or facilitate the conversion of non-textual input (like signs, pictograms, voice, visual) into textual output, convert non-standard input into proper text, allow to automatically augment textual communication by other media, such as pictures, signs, video, or to simplify messages such that the information is disclosed to the intended users. Special topics are Participatory Design, User Centered Design and evaluation of the effects of tools on users.

We invite papers for 20 (+5)-minute oral presentations or posters (with or without demonstrations) reporting on (and showing) tools and resources including but not limited to the following:

User engagement

* User engagement when designing and/or implementing a tool

* How to evaluate/measure effects of tools on users?


* Spelling correction able to deal with the typical errors made, such as phonetic spelling

* Grammar correction, for example when dealing with input from people with a sign language as mother tongue

* Text simplification and summarization

* Language generation based on simplified/ non-textual input

* Games improving social interaction


* Specific WordNets, dictionaries, word association databases

* Corpora containing original input (including the typical mistakes), with or without annotations, transcriptions, spelling normalization


* Legal and ethical issues

* Privacy issues of modern media for vulnerable groups of users

* Evaluation: what type of non-textual communication is best for a specific group of users (level of literacy, type of disability, culture, …)

* Smart input methods for non-textual input (also usable on tablet, smartphone)

More information, such a the broader context of the call and the members of the Program Committee, can be found at the ISI-NLP 2 website. This website will be updated as new information becomes available, like the name of the invited speaker!


Organizing committee:

- Ineke Schuurman, KU Leuven (BE)

- Leen Sevens, KU Leuven (BE)

- Victoria Yaneva, University of Wolverhampton (UK)

- John O'Flaherty, The National Microelectronics Applications Centre (IE)

Contact: ISI-NLP2 at ccl.kuleuven.be


Submission deadline

Please submit your paper (4-8 pages, pdf-format) through the LREC START system, no later than January 17, time zone GMT+1, taking into account the LREC Style Guidelines/Author's KIT (cf LREC website). As in the main conference, papers are not anonymous. Submissions will be reviewed by the members of the Program Committee, if necessary complemented by additional reviewers.

The accepted papers will be published as workshop proceedings and made available via LREC.


Identify, Describe and Share your LRs

Describing your LRs in the LRE Map is now a normal practice in the submission procedure of LREC (introduced in 2010 and adopted by other conferences). To continue the efforts initiated at LREC 2014 about "Sharing LRs" (data, tools, web-services, etc.), authors will have the possibility, when submitting a paper, to upload LRs in a special LREC repository. This effort of sharing LRs, linked to the LRE Map for their description, may become a new "regular" feature for conferences in our field, thus contributing to creating a common repository where everyone can deposit and share data.

As scientific work requires accurate citations of referenced work so as to allow the community to understand the whole context and also replicate the experiments conducted by other researchers, LREC 2018 endorses the need to uniquely Identify LRs through the use of the International Standard Language Resource Number (ISLRN, www.islrn.org), a Persistent Unique Identifier to be assigned to each Language Resource. The assignment of ISLRNs to LRs cited in LREC papers will be offered at submission time.

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