[Corpora-List] PhD and MSc scholarships in NLP

Alexander Gelbukh gelbukh at gelbukh.com
Wed Nov 8 10:26:46 CET 2017

PhD and MSc fully funded scholarships in NLP are available at the NLP Lab of CIC-IPN.

The amount is sufficient for normal living without worrying about money.

Not a loan. No teaching assistance required.

Duration: up to 4 years PhD, up to 2 years MSc; can be both (up to 6 years).

MSc program is research-oriented, publishing is encouraged.

Teaching is in English or Spanish, by your choice.

Advisor can be external; i.e., professor can continue advising their students that enroll in this program, or student can choose any advisor in the world. Ideal for students that have a good advisor but need a scholarship, or for professors who want to retain a good student who needs a scholarship.

Possibility of research stays abroad is expected, with increased scholarship for the time of stay.

Admission can be for Spring or Fall semester. For Spring semester the deadline is approaching (but contact me for late applications).

Information and deadlines:



Alexander Gelbukh Research Professor, CIC-IPN www.gelbukh.com

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