[Corpora-List] New release of 'Corpus de referencia do galego actual'

Mario Barcala barcala at nlpgo.com
Tue Nov 7 13:15:44 CET 2017

Dear all,

Last Friday a new release of the 'Corpus de referencia do galego actual' (CORGA) was published. This release (3.0) is the first one which includes all the documents automatically tagged. The most important new functionalities included are:

- 36,8 million words. - All documents are automatically tagged. - Documents are enhanced with richer metadata. - Full frequencies chart results functionality was added. - Spoken transcribed documents are included, with the posibility of searching and listening to the aligned audio. - kwic view

and many other ones...

You can access it at: http://corpus.cirp.gal/corga

No registration needed.

Best regards,

Mario Barcala

-- Mario Barcala CEO at NLPgo http://www.nlpgo.com GPG key id: F1C15EB7

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