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Amir Zeldes Amir.Zeldes at georgetown.edu
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Hi Anna,

I teach annotation in this mixed, over/undergraduate course:

https://myaccess.georgetown.edu/pls/bninbp/bwckctlg.p_disp_course_detail?cat_term_in=201730 <https://myaccess.georgetown.edu/pls/bninbp/bwckctlg.p_disp_course_detail?cat_term_in=201730&subj_code_in=LING&crse_numb_in=367> &subj_code_in=LING&crse_numb_in=367

We annotate data with many different layers, including POS tagging, syntax annotation, entities and coreference annotation, and discourse parsing. I would recommend them in that order depending on how much time a course has. I also really recommend allowing students to publish the results online – we do it in a corpus called GUM, which you can see here:


I wrote a paper about the process here:

Zeldes, Amir (2017) "The GUM Corpus: Creating Multilayer Resources in the Classroom". Language Resources and Evaluation 51(3), 581–612.


In terms of books, I really like Kübler & Zinsmeister (2015), Corpus Linguistics and Linguistically Annotated Corpora (although we don’t actually use a textbook in the course above).

Hope this helps,



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Dear all,

Does anyone teach a course on linguistic annotation? If you do or if you had to teach such course, what topics/tools/etc. would you include? What readings/textbooks would you use? What skills would you teach? The audience is a mix of undergraduate and graduate linguistics majors. Some of them are interested in corpus linguistics and computational linguistics, but not all.

I promise to post a summary of all the responses.

Thanks in advance for any tips you might have,



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