[Corpora-List] Anotation in Urdu

Maarten van Gompel proycon at anaproy.nl
Tue May 30 13:29:44 CEST 2017

Hi Aneeta,

Quoting Aneeta Sheikh (2017-05-30 12:14:25)
> Can anyone tell me
> what is the best tool to be used when annotating the corpus which is in URDU

This rather depends on the type of annotation and what you aim to achieve. Since you specifically mention Urdu I infer your concern may be to find an annotation tool with proper right-to-left support? You could consider FLAT (https://github.com/proycon/flat/), which supports right-to-left languages like Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, etc... But whether it's the most useful tool for the job or not depends on your goals and annotation task setup. FLAT is geared towards document-based linguistic annotation.



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