[Corpora-List] Worksop "Linking Data, Ontologies and Distributional Models for the Representation of Lexical Meaning" - Florence - June 9, 2017

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Linking Data, Ontologies and Distributional Models for the Representation of Lexical Meaning Workshop in connection with the visiting period of Professor Martha Palmer at the University of Florence

Florence - June 9, 2017 Venue: University of Florence, Piazza Savonarola 1, Florence (Italy)

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Exciting developments in distributional semantics are revolutionizing the field of computational lexical semantics. Current conferences abound in approaches to word sense disambiguation and semantic role labeling that use word embeddings and/or deep learning to present striking performance improvements. Moreover, lexical resources are day by day increasing in the direction of a multilingual and multimodal enrichment, creating ontologies which represent lexical meaning integrating data from different languages with images and videos. In this workshop, we wish to explore these recent advances in the context of NLP tasks that rely directly on rich semantic representations, and that aim to push the boundaries of our ability to reason with text-based inferences and with a multimodal integrated perspective on the representation of lexical meaning.

Attendance to the workshop is free, however registration is appreciated to arrange spaces and materials. For registration and information please write to: alessandro.panunzi at unifi.it <mailto:alessandro.panunzi at unifi.it>

Organizing committee: - Martha Palmer (University of Colorado at Boulder) - Alessandro Panunzi (University of Florence) - Massimo Moneglia (University of Florence) - Lorenzo Gregori (University of Florence)

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Preliminary Program

9:30-10:00 - Welcome

10:00-10:50 - Martha Palmer (University of Colorado at Boulder) Blocks World Redux: Merging the Generative Lexicon and VerbNet

10:50-11:40 - Bernardo Magnini (FBK, Trento) Investigating Lexical Sets through Distributional and Ontological Approaches

11:40-12:00 - coffee break

12:00-12:50 - Roberto Navigli (Sapienza University of Rome) Multilinguality for free, or why you should care about linking to (BabelNet) synsets

12:50-13:20 - Valerio Basile (Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée) Keyword Linking: Problem Definition, Use Cases, Solutions and Evaluation

13:20-15:00 - lunch break

15:00-15:50 - Raffaella Bernardi (University of Trento) Language and Vision: where we are and where we could go next

15:50-16:20 - Massimo Moneglia (University of Florence) Local Equivalence and the Productivity of Action Concepts across Languages

16:20-16:50 - Lorenzo Gregori, Alessandro Panunzi, Andrea Amelio Ravelli (University of Florence) Linking IMAGACT Ontology of Actions to Semantic Resources and Knowledge Basis

16:50-17:10 - coffee break

17:10-17:40 - Irene Russo (ILC-CNR Pisa) Distributional representations of concrete nouns for action verbs disambiguation

17:40-18:10 - Tammy Sumner (University of Colorado at Boulder) TalkBack: Realtime NLP Feedback Promoting Mathematics Teachers' Use of High Leverage Talk moves

18:10-18:40 - Discussion and Closing remarks

-- Dr. Alessandro Panunzi, PhD Lecturer (Assistant Professor) University of Florence | Università degli Studi di Firenze Department of Humanities | Dipartimento di Lettere e Filosofia (DILEF) LABLITA - Linguistic Laboratory Piazza Savonarola, 1 50132 Firenze, Italia tel. +39 055 2756988 fax. +39 055 2756974 http://www.unifi.it/p-doc2-2013-200007-P-3f2b3429352e28.html <http://www.unifi.it/p-doc2-2013-200007-P-3f2b3429352e28.html> http://modelact.lablita.it <http://modelact.lablita.it/>

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