[Corpora-List] NRC word-emotion association lexicon

María Navas Loro mnavas at fi.upm.es
Wed May 17 14:52:55 CEST 2017

Dear Mr. Vats,

Twitter has restrictions on text dissemination, so I’m afraid most researchers do not public the text; sometimes they share IDs (which can be retrieved with Twitter’s Developer API) but even so, often the corpus can’t be completely recovered.

One of the most famous corpus (with text) in English is the one in [1], but it only includes polarity; for emotions, I think what you are looking for might be the work of Saif M. Mohammad [2], with both lexicons and corpora (Twitter with text, politics…). Be aware of the emotion classification used (Ekman, Plutchick…), maybe it is not the same as yours. You might also find useful the project Sentic [3] and the tasks and corpora in SemEval [4], since Sentiment Analysis has several related tasks almost every edition.

If you were looking for other languages, you will find here [5] more resources. Specifically for Spanish, you can use Emotiblog [6] or the SAB Corpus [7] (recently built from Twitter and towards brands).

Hope you will find this information helpful.

Best regards,


PhD Student at Ontology Engineering Group (OEG)

Technical University of Madrid / Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Phone: (+34) 913363670

<http://marianavas.oeg-upm.net/en/about-me/> http://marianavas.oeg-upm.net/en/about-me/

[1] http://help.sentiment140.com/for-students/

[2] http://saifmohammad.com/

[3] http://sentic.net/

[4] http://alt.qcri.org/semeval2017/index.php?id=tasks

[5] https://www.w3.org/community/sentiment/wiki/Datasets

[6] https://gplsi.dlsi.ua.es/gplsi13/en/node/344

[7] http://sabcorpus.linkeddata.es/

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Respected Sir,

I am a university final year student pursuing B.Tech degree. I am working on a project on Twitter Sentiment Analysis and I am looking for corpus for emotions. This is required to judge the mood, common emotion of a particular speaker(user).

So It will be very helpful if you can help me with this.

And along with that I am also working on evaluating interests and likes of the user based on tweets. So It will be very kind if you can provide me with corpus(lexicons) of politicians, sports club etc.

Thanking You and Regards,

Praver vats

Shiv Nadar University

Greater Noida Gautum Buddha Nagar India

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