[Corpora-List] Call for Participation: WCRI workshop on "The role of text mining and image processing in fostering responsible research practices"

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This may be of interest to some in the NLP community.

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*********Call for Workshop Participation*******

In conjunction with the 5th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) – http://www.wcri2017.org/

May 28, 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Although the responsibility for the integrity of research ultimately lies with researchers, all stakeholders involved do try to ensure the integrity of research in their part of the research and publication process. As research output increases, a variety of tools are needed for proper and scalable execution of this responsibility. An obvious example category of such tools are plagiarism checkers, which compare a research manuscript with published journal articles or other material available on the internet. Recent advances in technologies like text mining and image processing have been leading to further developments in e.g. automatic validation of research (and its associated reporting) or detection of image manipulation.

This workshop aims to bring together those interested in exploring current and future applications of technology for better science, with a focus on how text mining and image processing technologies can be put to use in this context. Apart from publishers, editors, and others directly involved in validation of research, the workshop is also seeking participation from experts in applicable technology areas like text mining, natural language processing, and image processing.

The workshop will provide a variety of presentations from researchers, developers, and software providers working in the areas mentioned, and provides ample opportunity for discussion.

***Invited Speakers***

Ronald Daniel & Jessica Cox – “Detecting image reuse in scientific literature”

Enrico Bucci – “Image manipulation misconduct in scientific publishing: some large-scale analysis and a proposal”

Mary Walsh – “Tools for quantitative assessment of inappropriate image reuse”

Michael Seadle – “Tools for image manipulation detection”

Jelte Wicherts – “Novel possibilities in screening papers for erroneous and unlikely statistical results”

Sophia Ananiadou – “Semi-sueprvised citation screening in systematic reviews”

Halil Kilicoglu & Roser Morante – “Ensuring adherence to reporting guidelines using text mining techniques”

Maria Liakata – “On using language technology tools for processing full scientific articles to facilitate and scrutinize scientific workflows”

James Harwood – “Can software improve research integrity by helping authors check their own work before submitting?”

Kevin Cohen – “Reproducibility: a crisis that may be hard to solve”


Gerben ter Riet (chair), Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam (NL)

Halil Kilicoglu, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Bethesda (USA)

Roser Morante-Vallejo, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (NL)

IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Elsevier, Amsterdam (NL)

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