[Corpora-List] Academic word lists in various languages? (Sofie Johansson)

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 Hi Sofie, I've found papers on the Turkish, (Dolmacı &Ertaſ, 2016) and Portuguese (Baptista, Costa,Guerra, Zampieri, & Cabral, 2010) academic word lists. Not sure if you are also interested in discipline-specific WL, but here are some: the MedicalAcademic Vocabulary List (MAVL)(Lei & Liu, 2016); the Environmental Academic Word List (EAWL)(Liu & Han, 2015); A Nursing Academic Word List (NAWL)(Yang, 2015); Chemistry Academic Word List (CAWL)(Valipouri & Nassaji, 2013); Engineering English Word List (EEWL) (Hsu, 2014)). As to multi-word lists, there are: (academic) collocationslist (Durrant, 2009); the Academic Collocation List (Ackermann &Chen, 2013) and Academic Formulas List (Simpson-Vlach& Ellis, 2010)).

I'd be great to have a summary of all the responses - thanks for that! Best,Tanara

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Dear all,

I'm very interested to find out which academic word lists there are in various languages and preferrably a link to information regarding the lists. Are there any bilingual academic word lists?

I'm aware of the UWL, AWL, the AVL, the Swedish and Norwegian academic word lists.

I will post a summary of the responses for those who are interested.

Thanks in advance,


Sofie Johansson Ph.D. in Computational linguistics/NLP, researcher Director of the Institute for Swedish as a Second language Department of Swedish, University of Gothenburg http://spraakbanken.gu.se/swe/personal/sofie

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