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Agata Savary agata.savary at univ-tours.fr
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Hi Janne,

Sorry for the late answer. The National Corpus of Polish <http://nkjp.pl/index.php?page=0&lang=1> contains 1.500 millions of words. A 1-million word subcorpus is manually double- annotated and adjudicated. The corpus has several annotation layers: segmentation, morphology, shallow syntax (with some multiword expressions), name entities and word senses. All is downloadable <http://clip.ipipan.waw.pl/NationalCorpusOfPolish> and under an open license. Good parts of this corpus consist in newspaper texts. I hope you can find it useful.


On 04/24/2017 01:41 PM, Janne Bondi Johannessen wrote:
> Dear colleagues.
> Does any of you now of a substantial and downloadable Polish corpus? We need it for a project on distributional semantics.
> Best wishes,
> Janne Bondi Johannessen
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