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amin rahmany dr_amin68 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 24 07:07:30 CEST 2017

Dear members, I'm Amin Rahmani, from IR.Iran. Since early stages of my life , I could be aware of inherent talents . linguistics intelligence along with mathematical one are those gifts. At the very first years of my teen ages, I made my decisions to enter the computer prosperous world. I eagerly continued those years with computer science . linguistics aspired me to experience a great shift from IT to LINGUISTICS. I'm interested in doing my PhD in computational linguistics or related fields.

Interests:  Statistical Machine Translation, Artificial intelligence, , Information retrieval, cross-lingual information retrieval, Corpus linguistics. Skills: programming Languages, C++,C,C#,Python,Mat-lab math-works.

Education: AA of computer science, BA of Applied linguistics, MA of Computational linguistics.

I have a non-stop motivation in learning as well as doing research. My thesis is on Persian and English cross-lingual information retrieval.

Projects: Making frequency tool for Persian NLP developing a phrase-based statistical machine translation for English-Persian cross-lingual information retrieval Making a English-Persian annotated corpus with POS tags.

Publications: A submitted paper to Artificial intelligence conference 2017 A comparison between 3 English-Persian machine translation based on the BLEU Thanks for your kind consideration in advanced. would you please let me know if there is vacant PhD positions related to aforementioned fields? Be sure, I won't let u down if you give me a chance to continue my education at PhD level. Best regards, Amin Rahmani, NLP candidate, Master's degree, RICeST, Shiraz, Iran

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