[Corpora-List] 17 PhD/Postdoc positions, SFB1287, Potsdam, Germany

Isabell Wartenburger wartenbu at uni-potsdam.de
Thu Jun 8 12:38:24 CEST 2017

17 PhD and Postdoc Positions The Collaborative Research Center SFB 1287 “Limits of Variability in Language: Cognitive, Grammatical, and Social Aspects” in Potsdam, Germany, invites applications for 17 positions for PhD candidates and Postdocs available from July 2017 for a duration of four years (subject to funding commitment). Language users exhibit a high degree of variability at all levels of the linguistic system, language use, and language development and change. This variability in language can be characterised as the range of different possible linguistic behaviours that are available to a language user, a language community, or in specific languages at any linguistic level. By exploring the systematicity and the limits of variability in linguistic behaviours, the main focus of the CRC will be on identifying the constraints of the underlying linguistic system. Several projects will jointly evaluate the limits, relations, dependencies, and commonalities of different types of variability across a range of linguistic phenomena from the perspectives of (A) language interaction and change, of (B) language processing, and of (C) grammatical systems. The CRC provides a fantastic research infrastructure including a large interdisciplinary network of researchers, its own graduate school, and funding opportunities for conference visits, summer schools, hosting international experts etc. The University of Potsdam hosts leading groups in the field of linguistics and cognitive sciences (http://www.uni-potsdam.de/en/cognitive-sciences/index.html <http://www.uni-potsdam.de/en/cognitive-sciences/index.html>). Potsdam is an attractive historical city and its palaces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Potsdam is close to Berlin, a culturally vibrant city and home to a lively start-up scene. Both cities have a high quality of life at modest living costs.

A detailed description of the available positions and the respective requirements can be found here http://www.uni-potsdam.de/sfb1287/vacancies.html <http://www.uni-potsdam.de/sfb1287/vacancies.html>.

-- Prof. Dr. Isabell Wartenburger Patholinguistics / Neurocognition of Language Cognitive Sciences, Department Linguistics University of Potsdam Room II.14.2.39 Tel.++49-331-9772932 <tel:+49%20331%209772932> (Sec.) http://uni-potsdam.de/nola

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