[Corpora-List] Two postdoc positions at University of Bologna - Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Angelo Di Iorio angelo.diiorio at unibo.it
Thu Jun 8 13:03:24 CEST 2017

=========================================== Two Postdoc positions in:

- Semantic Publishing

- Natural Language Processing

Duration: 1 year Begin: September 2017 Net Salary: about 23K euros per year

Application Deadline: around mid July 2017. Online applications will be opened after mid June.

Further information: http://dasplab.cs.unibo.it/job-offers/

=========================== Research Description ===========================

The Digital and Semantic Publishing Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna, is seeking candidates for two postdoc positions on the SCAR project (Semantic Coloring of Academic References) in collaboration with Elsevier.

The project aims to investigate models and tools to build citation networks and to characterize citations.

The basic idea is to treat each reference as an individual, first-class entity, which can be classified, accessed, filtered and grouped with others according to multiple criteria (publication venue, citation functions, sentiment, etc.). The project is focused on Semantic Publishing technologies, models and tools.

The positions are to be located at the DASPLab, Digital and Semantic Publishing Laboratory of the Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna, Italy. The postdocs will be in touch with people at the DASPLab and at Elsevier, in a lively and stimulating environment.

====================================== Expected skills and responsibilities ======================================

Applicants are expected to have excellent research, programming & academic writing skills, plus a strong commitment and team-working abilities. Expertise in Natural Language Processing is required for one of the two positions. Background in Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Web technologies is also valuable.

The positions are strongly connected: one will work on the SCAR data and infrastructure, while another one will mainly focus on processing the textual content of the articles.

===================================== Application rules and instructions =====================================

Applicants must apply online. The application system will be opened after mid June.

Expected timeline:

- The deadline will be around mid July

- Interviews will be held shortly afterwards

- The grants will start on September

============================================== Expression of Interest / Contact ==============================================

Interesting candidates are encouraged to contact:

Angelo Di Iorio, University of Bologna, angelo.diiorio at unibo.it

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