[Corpora-List] CfP : International Workshop "Speech corpora, text corpora: sharing practices"

Sascha Diwersy sascha.diwersy at univ-montp3.Fr
Wed Jul 26 23:16:04 CEST 2017

*Call for papers for the international workshop**“Speech corpora, text corpora: sharing practices”*

*Date and location:*November 13 & 14, 2017, Room 002 “Caryatides”, Saint Charles 2 Site, Université Paul-Valéry, Montpellier 3

*Organization:*Project CORAL, PRAXILING (UMR 5267) & DIPRALANG (EA 739) laboratories

*Organizing committee:*Beatrice Dal Bo (Praxiling, UM3), Sascha Diwersy (Praxiling, UM3), Christelle Dodane (Praxiling, UM3), Hubert Gbedahou (Praxiling, UM3), Myriam Maréchal (UM3), Bénédicte Pivot (Dipralang, UM3), Bieke Van Camp (CRISES, EA 4424)

*Invited speakers:*Stefan Evert (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), Bente Maegaard (Centre for Language Technologie, University of Copenhagen), Damon Mayaffre (BCL UMR 7320, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis), Christophe Parisse (Modyco UMR 7114, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre).

The constitution of language resources represents one of the major productions for researchers and laboratories in social sciences and humanities (SSH) in many years. In the field of language sciences, the exploitation and analysis of linguistic data have made a significant leap forward with the contribution of corpus linguistics and computer processes. Firstly, it proves vital in uniting established and emerging scientific practices, relatively divergent according to different fields (phonetics/phonology, lexicon, morphosyntax, semantics, text linguistics and discourse linguistics) and communities. Secondly, it is a matter of making the benefits and methods of tool-assisted linguistic analysis accessible to all SSH researchers, who base their works on the analysis of linguistic data, whether text, speech or multimodal productions.

The goal of this symposium is to create a dialogue between these different communities of researchers, whether they be producers or users of resources and/or tools. The methodological approaches that associate different modes of exploitation and analysis of speech and text corpora will be particularly welcomed.

The main focus will be on addressing the following issues:

* Annotation (phonetic, prosodic, gestural, morphosyntactic, semantic,


* Standardization of annotations and markups;

* Establishment of a common format for speech and text corpora,

allowing for the assurance of interoperability between the two types

of data;

* Automatic or semi-automatic exploitation and data analysis;

* Sharing of resources (annotated corpora, annotation schemas,

lexicons, patterns or grammars...);

* Adaptation and/or creation of applications for the processing and

exploitation of speech and text data

*Communication format:* The presentations can be made in three different formats: 20-minute oral presentation, poster and/or demo (corpora, applications, etc.). It is possible to combine the presentation of a poster with a demo. We ask authors to express their preference at the time of submission.

*Submission guidelines:* Proposals must be submitted to the following address: coralmontpellier3 at univ-montp3.fr before *July 30, 2017*. They should be in the form of an anonymous abstract (in French or in English) of a maximum length of 500 words (bibliography not included) in .pdf format (Times New Roman 12). In the body of the message, you must indicate the first name, last name, and institutional affiliation of the author(s).

-- Sascha Diwersy MCF en Linguistique française Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 ITIC, Département des Sciences du langage CNRS - UMR 5267 Praxiling Route de Mende 34199 Montpellier Cedex 5 Tél.: +33 4 67 14 22 32 Courriel: sascha.diwersy at univ-montp3.fr

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